Manhattan doctor, "McCain Upper Manhattan coordinator" is accused of medicare fraud

Someone faxed me a local paper 5 mins ago.

Claims that the Dr. and St. Vincent’s Hospital have to return $210,000 because they use unlicensed foreign doctors.

They also say he was nominated in August as “McCain Upper Manhattan campaign coordinator.”

Interestingly, I only see it listed in Spanish papers so I guess should wait for CNN/AP to confirm. Sorry if it has no legs.

Translating this one, it is the most detailed:

A prominent dominican doctor, named coordinator of McCain’s upper manhattan campaign, reached agreement with a federal court (US) after being accused of defrauding Medicare - claiming payment for services rendered by foreign unlicensed doctors.

Dr. Ramon Tallaj operated the program of unlicensed apprentice doctors, the majority dominican, in a location administered by St. Vincent’s Midtown located on Academy Street downtown.

SVMH + Tallaj agreed to pay $210,000 on Wednesday at latest with the federal dictrict south of manhattan as part of the civil lawsuit.

According to court documents, between 1999 and 2004 SVMH contracted nine “clinical medicine practitioners” to work in the clinic under Dr. Tallaj - these practitioners saw patients without an authorized supervision.

[my note: there’s certain instances where “limited doctors” and physician assistants can see doctors but a licensed doctor must always be on the premises supervising. that’s not what happens around here…]

They also presented false claims to medicare. [they had to put a licensed doctor as the practitioner]

According to reports, the program had been for six months. however, some of them were there longer. They received $10 an hour.

Tallaj was the Grand Marshall of the Dominican Parade this year, and was designated in August as chief of campaign under McCain for Washington Heights, Inwood, and Marble Hill.

I bet a LOT of people are gonna be donating Democratic now to cover their asses heh.

Prominent Republicans oppose fraud, unless they get theirs? Or something.

Okay, I’m pretty darn proud that I finally googled it up:

United States District Court Southern District:
United States of America ex rel Francisca Montan v. St. Vincent’s Midtown Hospital and Dr. Ramon Tallaj. [url=]

PDF of order of settlement

Order of settlement: so someone kinda explained to me that it’s when the judge gets fed up and tells them to reach a settlement.

"SVMH and Dr. Tallaj agree that at minimum, [they will pay] any overpayments plus interest and penalties. No jail time, just return the money? Geez.