Manhunt: We're going to need a professional

So as I’m trying out Manhunt, I’m thinking how canny it was of Rockstar to hire someone who does a great Brian Cox impression as the mysterious voice driving our killer on.

But, wait, this is Rockstar, the creators of Grand Theft Auto with Burt Reynolds! So I check the credits and sure enough, Brian Cox has gone from doing Wes Anderson movies to goofy video games about a serial killer snuffing gangsters in post-apocalyptic city levels. I guess that’s the next logical step after his goofy turn in The Ring wearing an electric bridle in the bathtub.

Remember when it was a big deal that Dennis Hopper was doing the voice in a game? Those were the days…


How’s the game?

shrug I mean, people keep talking about how movies are closing the gap (or blowing away, depending on who you talk to and how you look at it) on movies. With the explosion in actors doing ad voiceovers and animated voices, is it really any shock that it’s spilling over into video games?

I can’t really speak much for the actual game, as I only went through the first two levels. So far, it looks like a Twisted Metal skin slapped over a Thief-a-like.

I think it’s funny that they pussed out by setting up some stupid fiction where the serial killer only kills gang members and corrupt cops (or so it seems from the manual). If you’re going to make a game about shoving a shard of glass into someone’s jugular, why not go whole-hog and murder innocents? Who do they think they’re fooling with the backstory about how these ‘victims’ are only bad guys who deserve killing?

Oh, one of the gangs is called The Innocentz, so there you go.