Maniac Mansion Deluxe Free!

Remember to enter random numbers into the keypad to detonate a bomb that incinerates everything in a five mile radius! Good times!

Why am I having flash backs… this is the prequel to the Day of the Tentacle right? … god I loved this game.

absolutely awesome! this is one of my all time favs! I am halfway through the game and I just downloaded it!


Amazing. I, obviously, tend to lurk far more than post, but I had to thank you for this link!

gamershell also has ak McCraken to download too! sweet!
now I have something to play with the COH servers undergo maintenance ! lol

Since Friday I’ve been looking to score a copy of Longbow 2, and I know they have it… and they’re either down, or the system isn’t accepting the little password it asks for. =(

Who has LB2? I don’t see it on the gamershell list. I’d like it too.


Don’t forget to play Warning Forever afterwards.

Keep doing the good pimping work. God bless you.

Still stick in level 12. Man, I hate this game. Have - to - play- again.

Colossus is a java version of the really expensive board game Titan.

Man, you’re hijacking your own thread! Shame on you. 8)

Man, I wish Hasbro would reprint Titan. That’s like, my favorite board game ever. I have a copy, but it’s getting a bit worn, and someday it’s going to wear out. Unfortunately, as Tromik says, Titan sells for big bucks on eBay, so that’s not a good replacement option.