Manor Lords - holy cow one guy did this

That is some amazing in-game animation work not to mention the beautiful graphics.

Wow, looking sweet. Kingdom Come: Deliverance as an RTS. Wishlisted.

OMG that was my exact thought too. I didn’t write it because I thought maybe I was off in it’s remarkable similarity in graphics (an amazing feat as I love KCD look).

Wishlisted and followed!

According to the game’s website at least, the developer is making use of photogrammetry. So I guess that helps explain parts of the visual fidelity. The website also mentions using motion capture, so I wonder if they kitbashed something cheaper together like Ninja Theory or if this solo dev just has a ton of resources at their disposal.

Very interesting to look at. Main question is how the building and the totalwar side mesh together.

The developer was a modder for the Total War series.

Former Total War modders out here making all the best games, haha. Or as is case this time, potential great game, since we’ll have to see how well everything pulls together gameplay-wise. Sure will be a great looking game if nothing else based on what we have to look at so far.

Indeed. Banished was another one-man-band game that looked great.

That looks very early. Let’s see in two years.

Yep, that’s going right on the wish list. Thanks Jeff! :)

Looking good!

It’s hard not to get excited about this.

I still can’t get over how gorgeous this is.

From the Manor Lords discord (cross posted to Indy games and city builder threads)

Manor Lords city-building demo is now out on Steam.

Download it here:

Apologies for the bugs - it’s still a work in progress, but hope you’ll have some fun nonetheless. After playing check out the demo channels like <#1025837726987210872>

Have a great day!


Windows only.