Manpacks: Underwear by subscription

Normally I would not let an opportunity like this pass, but I’m being all charitable today…

Oh no, please, don’t let such a perfect set-up pass. :)

Thongs! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

I bet Jerri is going to get an awesome new pic out of these hijinks.

I guess I’m just more practical than most of you. I have probably 10-15 pairs of underwear in the rotation. When one starts looking faded or worn, it gets tossed. When I see a good sale on my brand, I buy a bunch more. Last time I got six pairs for 40% off. I also bought 36 pairs of socks 10 years ago and haven’t had to buy socks since.

Okay now wait a minute. You purposefully walk through an anchor mall store on the way to EB? You either have a woman with you or you are a woman. Don’t try to hide it sir. Either you are in the racquetball court or you are not.

Sears is literally directly on the line between my house and EB. I’m not going to drive around to another entrance just so I can avoid some silly sports metaphor. And as noted, this allows me to buy new clothes on sale, without having to actually “go clothes shopping”, which I hate.

They charge $15 for two pairs of undies and 2 pairs of socks. That seems quite expensive. I just hit costco every couple of months and buy a bushel of both and a gallon of soy sauce.

The soy sauce is not undergarment-related, they’re just close together in the aisles.

Shadarr, I’m teasing you, bud. Were all guys here, the fastest way in and out of the mall is Always the most preferable method. I buy the things mentioned here sporadically. About the only issue I see with your method are that there have been some really cool sock improvements in the last few years. Beyond that though, we are guys, we are lazy, and I do know a few guys who are so bad off they could probably use a reminder about stuff like this every three months.

There have been improvements in sock technology? Tell me more.

I think I’m seriously out of the demographic for this company. For those guys who are completely shopping adverse, and are not involved in a significant enough relationship that their partner will buy undies for him so that (God forbid) he shuould be in an accident…

Yeah, maybe it makes sense for those guys. But I’m like stusser. I’ll grab a pack or two from Costco to replace my worn ones and I’m good for a while. And when I’m in Niagara Falls, I’ll drop into the MaGregor Socks outlet store and then I’m good on socks for quite some time.

Seamless, better slip prevention on your leg, better wicking, better waterproofing, dri fit, it goes on and on. Can you tell I was really interested in what the cute sales lady at Dick’s sporting goods was selling?

Oh, do go on. I’d like to hear what else.

If World’s Softest did a subscription, I’d go in. It’s a pain trying to find a store that carries them regularly.

That’s what I told the saleslady at Dick’s. Trust me, you would MUCH rather hear the information from it’s source.

man, googling sock technology opens a black hole of information you’ll be hard pressed to escape if you’re a geek.

seems kind of strange, wouldn’t you be like, swimming in socks and underwear after a year or two? Unless your one of those folk who manage to wear out their underwear fast? My undergarments have managed to last several years before needing replacing. (granted, from the foot thread, my sock usage is minimal)

If it doesn’t have Hugo Boss in front of it…

Wearing new socks is one of my secret OCD joys, highlighted by the fact that I simply hate washing socks. If I ever get very rich, one of the first things I’ll do is buy 365 pairs of socks every year, and never wear the same pair more than once.

Yes yes, I know that you don’t have to be especially rich to do that when socks are like 12 for $5 at Wal-mart. That isn’t the point.

Someone here on Qt3 does just that. Donates the socks to the homeless.

What the hell? As a customer, wouldn’t you quickly end up with TOO much underwear? What kind of business model is that?

I know: Let’s saturate the underwear market!

Great idea!