Manually uninstalling drivers

I have a set of NVidia drivers on an XP box that refuse to go away. I’m trying to install NVPerfKit but it goes into an infinite loop trying to remove the drivers and reboot to finish the installation – it can’t remove the old drivers for some reason.

I’ve tried various driver cleaners, etc. to no avail, and rebooting into VGA mode, to no avail. Does anyone know of a step-by-step walk through that lets me manually remove the drivers from my system?

Ugh I had this problem with Wireless NIC drivers a while back.

I don’t have a walkthrough specific for nvidia, but the process is basically:

  1. Boot into safe mode (VGA of course)
  2. Delete every file you can find related to the drivers (I’m pretty sure all nvidia drivers follow the nv* format). Probably you’ll find them under \system32\ somewhere, and they’re probably also cached in 3 or 4 other locations.
  3. Delete every reg key you can find related to the drivers. See above.
  4. Reboot, cross fingers.