Maple syrup

I know we have a honey thread here. Anybody here make their own? Probably not as it requires significant numbers of maple trees. Do we have any maple syrup experts? I’m wondering because my Dad just bought four litres privately and we divide it up into empty peanut butter jars and store it in the freezer. Well, this year’s batch now looks like this:

WTF? I was under the impression that maple syrup couldn’t freeze, only got slightly thicker. Have we been suckered somehow? I don’t know whether it’s purposely or whether they’re just incompetent at making maple syrup. Could it be that that the sap wasn’t boiled enough? Was it adulterated with water or fake syrup? What would cause maple syrup to freeze?

If it’s actually solid as opposed to like thick slime then yeah, it’s adulterated with something or just a bit dilute. Assuming you aren’t freezing with LN2.

My guess is it’s dilute, because adding sugar to fake it would be incredibly cheap. They didn’t get it to the necessary concentration to prevent freezing. Doesn’t make it bad, just a little weak.

Can you go back to the seller? Maple Syrup is extremely expensive and that isn’t great. Is it like mush (frosty consistency)? Or is it hard? If it’s hard they had to have done that on purpose.

It’s frozen solid. I’m going to buy some from the store and put it in the freezer and see what happens.

You might try boiling up a pan of water and then putting the jar in the water for a bit. That’s what you do with honey, after all, once it crystalizes.

Oh I’m not to worried about consuming it. I guess we’ll see what it’s like when it melts. I’m just a little ticked that it’s not pure.

Up here in Canada we have to take Maple syrup courses from grade 1 to 6 but I can’t remember the answer :)

Here in the NE, the Vermont Maple Syrup Cartel tightly regulates maple syrup production, quality and distribution. They keep a lid on things!