March 18: wallet threat level WiiU

Title March 18: wallet threat level WiiU
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When March 18, 2013

I might go so far as to say Lego Undercover City -- WiiU only, I'm afraid -- is the best Lego game I've played. Don't hold me to that just yet..

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Looks like Lego City Undercover joins the ranks of Assassin's Creed Liberation and Uncharted as a game I want to play but not badly enough to buy a new platform.

Pretty much. Except the Vita's significantly cheaper (well, if you shop around a bit or buy used) and has a more robust selection of other games.

I can't wait to get sucked back into Monster Hunter. I'm looking forward to that dread.

Arcen's latest game, Shattered Haven, goes v1.0 this week. I know little beyond that, however.