March 2010 Web Browser Poll

What web browser do you use at home these days?

Note, I say at home, because at work, we don’t always get to pick the browsers. Now, if you work at home, ummm… well, pick something, I guess.

I am currently using Firefox 3.6 at home, on Windows 7 64-bit.

I also have Chrome installed and will sometimes use it as a backup (mostly when logging into another gmail account).

Safari if on Mac, Chrome if on Windows.

I use Safari at home, it’s the best web browser for the Mac.

At work, on Windows, I use Firefox, save for a few specific internal sites that I use IE8 for. I’m the guy who did the site, and I have to admit that the specific thing its doing falls into a gray area, so I’m not that annoyed that it doesn’t work in Firefox.

Chrome is banned at work.

Why is IE 1-6 an option? IE 6 is dead, they held a funeral and everything.

IE6 is a freaking zombie. They may have put it in the ground, but It still has 20% of the web browsing market, more than anything save IE8.

I use Firefox almost 100% of the time, except for one site. For some reason, ever since Firefox 3.6 came out, I can’t print out shopping lists from All it does is spit out headers and footers (other websites print out fine.) So I have to make my list and then open the site in IE just to print it out.


Is it the only browser that’s not allowed? And why is it banned?

Perhaps I should say that IE and Firefox are the only browsers that are allowed, with all others disallowed.

Chrome installs in a weird place, in each user’s appdata folder and bypasses non-local-admin restrictions.

With the addition of extensions to Chrome, it has become my default browser of choice. I still use Firefox and IE8 at times, but for daily browsing, Chrome is hard to beat IMO.

Ah, that makes more sense.

I wonder what the criteria would be that allows IE and Firefox but not Chrome.

The recent update to Firefox 3.6 only broke one addon I use. Ironically, it’s IE Tab, but I rarely use it, so I’m content to wait for an update for it. I’m of the mind “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and Firefox remains stable and fast for me, so I have no plans to move from it anytime soon.

EDIT: rei pretty much answers my question re: Chrome.

Chrome is definitely my favorite. All the design choices just work for me.

Same for me.

I used firefox for the last 5 years, two months ago got fed up with how slow it loaded and installed Chrome Plus. Was amazed with its speed for about a week, then it started to load even slower than firefox.

So now I am back on upgraded and reinstalled firefox and it is fast again and good all around.

I split my time between Chrome and Firefox, but I’m slowly moving more toward Chrome. Mostly because it seems to be a bit faster, more stable, and less of a memory hog. Firefox hates my netbook, but Chrome runs like a dream on it.

This. Before Chrome got extensions, I still used Firefox occasionally. Now it’s all Chrome.

Firefox devotee here. I haven’t upgraded to GT 3.6 yet, as it woiuld break my theme (redshift) that I’ve been using since time immemorial…I only upgrade FF when it updates.

That said, firefox’s memory Usage is absurd. Most of my four gigs are largely ff’s personal use, and now that Chrome has ad block, I could theoretically see myself making a switch, but for now, I just use it to keep my “work” email account open.

I’ve been using Opera pretty consistently over the past few years, but the latest 10.5 update broke something within it and it seems to have become incredibly slow at loading pages. I’m using Chrome at the moment until Opera fix their shit.

i used firefox until 3 months ago where it would take forever to load. now it’s chrome for me.