March 25: wallet threat level yellow

Title March 25: wallet threat level yellow
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When March 25, 2013

The Nintendo 3DS gets a couple of major releases this week. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is a nifty adventure/exploration game. I really enjoy the playful haunted house production values, the gradually unfurling gameplay mechanics, and the chaotic ghost wrassling..

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"Electronic Arts is releasing a new Tiger Woods game. I follow just enough sports to know it’s probably a dating sim."

Well-played, Tom.

Tom, when will you be saying more about Bioshock Infinite? I never pre-order games, but I just had to nab the Ultimate Songbird Edition before it disappeared. As a huge fan of the series, I couldn't pass on that remarkable Songbird statue. Now I'm really nervous about the game, and trying to decide if I should cancel my pre-order before it ships. I don't consider this a reasonable reaction, but the universal critical praise is part of why I feel that way. I mean, can you believe so many of those guys whiffed on Tomb Raider?!?! Not to mention their histories of dubious recommendations.

Did you get an advanced copy of Bioshock: Infinite? Or were the people at Irrational afraid you'd say something like, "the story and gameplay are good, but the central ethos of gameplay runs contradictory to that of the central themes. One star."

Uh oh, I have a feeling we will be seeing a very long and hostile comment thread soon.

Well, I can't speak to their reasons, but 2K did not include me in the first round of reviewers. I will, however, get a review posted as soon as I can.

It's cause you're a liability to everyone's Metacritic score :)

Bioshock Infinite isn't so much out this week as out right now, at least in the US.

It's because you're not a credible reviewer. Your site gives bad scores to popular games JUST to get on the front page of metacritic. It's painfully obvious what you're doing. Why does metacritic even include your site? I don't understand because its a very cheap looking website and all of your reviews are attention seeking.

Well if that's the case, congratulations, you're giving Tom what he wants. Thanks dickhead. Join the rest of us freedom loving Americans and pay him the ultimate insult by ignoring him.

No.. I come to this site on the rare occasion when I see him giving good games low scores. The last time I came to this site was in November when he gave Halo 4 a 2/10. I was so shocked to see such a low score that I had to go the website and read the review. I disagreed with everything he wrote.

Now he's doing it with Bioshock infinite. His low score got him ont he front page of Metacritic and its generation views for his site. He does this to get attention. So I commented on it. I don't think this is a good site, so I'm not going to be a regular user here.

Wait a minute... Looking at this now, can't believe I wrote this. It doesn't make any sense. I'm presuming that, because negative game scores get this site on the front page of Metacritic, the writers must only write those scores to get on the front page of Metacritic, which is a basic inferential fallacy that someone even vaguely acquainted with the idea of logic would never make.

Furthermore, I characterize the reviews as "attention seeking" without providing any evidence to back up those claims, and imply that any opinion I happen to disagree with is not legitimate. And I'm not even going to touch the multiple errors in grammar, usage, punctuation, and basic capitalization that all reflect my inability to usefully navigate a language I nevertheless attempt to use to express my thoughts. What was I thinking?

And is it just me, or is Halo 4 a lot worse than I remember it?

I'm just glad you came to your senses. Though you weren't nearly as ridiculous as me, who left a comment explaining that we should stop leaving comments.

Halo 4 is not a 2/10 game. A 2/10 means a game is broken and unplayable. Halo 4 has great graphics, solid gameplay and excellent level design. Giving a game like Halo 4 a 2/10 is trolling. There's no other way to describe it. It is not THAT bad of a game.

Tom Chick is an attention whore. He simply cannot resist giving a AAA title a scathing review just to generate hits for his underground site.

Tom never reviews a game objectively or consider what the developers were trying to accomplish and if it would appeal to the game's target audience. If a game is not his cup of tea, he'll destroy it in his reviews. The Elder Scrolls series was never my cup of tea, but I always appreciated it for what it was trying to do. They are good games, they just don't connect with me like they do with other people. That doesn't mean I would give those games a 2/10. Halo 4 doesn't deserve a score that low. He gave one of the most anticipated games of the year a low score to get hits

I have no idea whether Halo 4 is a 2/10 game. I do know, however, that I hated it and therefore gave it one star out of five, for reasons I explained in the review. The rating is a just a quick indicator of how I felt about a game. Nothing more.

And you're correct that I don't review games "objectively". I appreciate that you recognize that. Cheers!