March 8, 2022, Apple Event

Hmm, M1 Max Mac mini please. Thanks.

It’s the 30” iMac Pro thank you.

+1 etc

Other rumors include “M2” debut, totally new Macbook Air, and maybe a new iPhone SE, though it seems weird for them to mix different product line announcements together.

I feel like the new iPad Air and iPhone SE announce would get packaged together at a later date.

Peek performance has to refer to glasses or a headset, right? I know the rumors don’t say so, but…

No way. We definitely would know if Apple was actually close to launching an AR headset. I think that’s still several years off.

I think it’s probably referring to a “sneak peek,” which could be an early look at M2 with the promise that it’ll launch later this year.

Wasn’t there a rumor last year that it was close and the speculation was they would have something for devs well in advance so they could get to work with it? Since this won’t be a big mass market thing, it should be easy enough to keep this under wraps without leaks from their suppliers.

The “peek” also made me think there might be a peek at the new Mac Pro, since they like to show those off well in advanced of them actually being ready.

The odds are Apple will announce it a very long time before release, sorta like they did with the OG iPhone.

Why? Because the moment any specs hit the FCC for approval they are public records.

I’d be interested in an ipad air. My 2017 iPad pro (the 10.5 inch, which I don’t think they ever made in that exact size again for any products) feels over-due. It works great, except the battery life is absolute garbage. I would bet a 2022 air would be better in every respect.

I think so. I am also certain I read an allegedly well-sourced rumor within the last month on a major tech news site that the AR headset was being announced very soon. I’ll see if I can find it again.

I’ll be curious to see if there’s a re-designed MBA, maybe with thinner bezels or even a 14" model. The current M1 MBA is darn near the perfect laptop for me but I sometimes wish it had a slightly larger display.

The ATP guys shot this down, saying Apple would never do this. I could have sworn they announced the last two Pros before you could buy them, but that is probably my faulty memory.

Hah, no, you remember right. In 2017 they announced the iMac Pro about half a year in advance, and at a private media event they also announced that they were working on the Mac Pro which would be out in a couple years. The Mac Pro event was really a one-time card they could play, though, and it had more to do with reassurance that they were taking Mac very seriously overall. Obviously that bore out. :)

The Mac Pro is usually a WWDC announcement with details. Other than, as corn chip said, the “No really we care about the Mac” event.

I imagine 12.3 will release next week, or at least the RC.

WWDC will likely see the big iMac and maybe a Mac Pro tease.

Every now and then, I longingly at the new MacBook Pros, and maybe my next one will be the 14"/

That said, yeah, the M1 Air is a dream computer I love using.

Today’s rumor is no iMac Pro/Mac Pro this year, but a display and new Mac Mini. If Apple releases an iMac quality display, I think I would go that route: a display with a decent Mini. I love iMacs, but replacing a monitor every 3-4 years is a bit silly. I think I want dual 27" displays, so I will still have a use for my LG UltraFine, assuming a Mac Mini can drive them both.

Kind of excited for Tuesday, so watch it be a new iPhone SE and iPad Airs.

Ooooh, a whole lot of blah iPad, blah, blah iPhone, then…M1 Ultra!!

I just want to know what it’s coming in. iMac? Pro? Studio?

They are dragging this out.

Entirely new Mac: Mac Studio.

M1 performance but super small.

Also new display: Mac Studio Display