March Madness - 2007

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Bracket:

Best. Time. Of. The. Year.



I guess the committee had a really rough job this year. Quite a bit of outrage in the news from teams that didn’t make it or didn’t get the seed they were expecting.

The East Is Red.

I can see any of the top 8 except for Vanderbilt and Boston College making it to Atlanta. BC could conceivably do so, if they can get past Georgetown and if UNC, which they’ve proven unable to handle, isn’t waiting for them in the round of 8.

Also, I noticed that there weren’t any shots of celebrating Duke fans on the selection show when they announced Duke’s 6th seed matchup against Virginia Commonwealth, but I think Duke is overrated at 6. And not to be too ACC-centric, I’d love to see a Kansas-UCLA final in the the west, if Kansas can get past its now-traditional Bill Self early round choke.


Holy crap this is gonna be fun, yet again. Yes, still the best sports tourney of the year, bar none.

I think it’s pretty tough for the tourney committee every year, especially when you get into the lower seeds…

Still, big congrats to some unsung Texas teams, like Texas A&M Corpus Christi and UNT, and of course Texas A&M, which hasn’t been in the tourney for a long time.

Sad to see Wichita State not make it in, they had a great start but really fumbled in December and January.

— Alan

Vandy all the way, baby! Ok, that will be my homer bracket. And then I’ll make a more normal bracket. My wife and I compete every year (for fun…what would be the point of betting…and don’t say sex, you pervs).

Just out of curiosity, Henry, why don’t you think Vandy could do it? They’ve beaten a lot of ranked teams this year, including Florida. They’ve stuttered a bit lately, but when they are on, they are REALLY on.

Oh I think Vandy can act as a spoiler, and can get to the round of 16. But I don’t think the Commodores can keep it together for the 4 games it would take to make it into the final 4. As you imply they’re been inconsistent.

Specifically I don’t see them getting around Georgetown AND North Carolina or Texas. They should beat GW, and whatever anyone says about Washington State, that’s a Pac 10 school that isn’t UCLA or Arizona.

And I’m not dumping on Vandy by the way. I included Marquette on my east list because I think they’re genuinely underrated.

Go Raiders! Wright State hasn’t been to the tourney in forever so I hope they make a splash and at least make it into the second round where they will probably end up against Duke. Duke hasn’t been all that great this year so maybe they’ll be bounced early.

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Believe me your problem isn’t Duke. Your problem is Pitt.

This year Duke was pathetic by past standards. They are badly demoralized coming from a humiliating loss to North Carolina State, as well as a not-so-humiliating loss to North Carolina, which everyone expected to crush them. What no one expected from that game was that Duke would wreck the squeaky clean image it’s had ever since Christian Laettner stepped on Aminu Timberlake’s chest.

Personally I think Duke should have been an 8th seed.

Yeah, Duke has been painful to watch this year. But whenever I feel sorry for myself about that, I remember my very good friend who eats, sleeps, and drinks Wake Forest, and I buck up like a good little camper.

It’s fine if you have to start throwing things at me now that I’ve outed myself as a Duke fan. I was surprised at their 6 seed too. I expected no better than an 8 seed for them and wouldn’t have been surprised with a 9.

Has anybody seen Drexel play this year? That’s the team all the talking heads (and a few writers) seem to be up in arms about. Everybody seems to think they got jobbed.

“You can’t meet the Duke! Are you crazy? Nobody gets to meet the Duke! You meet him once and then you’re dead!”


At least you sound like a realistic Duke fan.

Drexel has been an interesting case and on some level yeah I think they got shafted, they’ve certainly shown they can beat good teams and had some great runs - beating Toledo, St. Joe’s, at Villanova, at Syracuse and George Mason in a 7 game stretch, then beating Hofstra and Creighton both away near the end of the season. Maybe losing to VaComm in the tourney was the nail in the coffin, I dunno.

— Alan

Vandy is a fraud. They’re excellent at home, but struggle anywhere else. It would not surprise me at all if they lost to GW, and I’d be SHOCKED if they beat Wazzou.

This year, St. Patty’s day is also Dukemas. That one wonderful day of the year when Duke gets bounced from the NCAA Tourney.

I’m proud to continue my tradition of taking Thursday/Friday off, getting the package on DirecTV and watching 40+ hours of basketball over 4 days, while eating a simply stupid amount of food that is horrible for you (White Castle one night, full rack of ribs one night, other nonsense).

Wow UNLV gets a 7th seed, nice. That win over BYU for the Mountain West Chapionship helped, no doubt.

Actually, they were pretty disappointed in that. I think they were expecting a 5 or 6.

I feel like a pizza. What kind should I get?

Now’s not the time to hold back, get everything.

They should have been a 6 and Duke a 7.

Edit: Also, who’s setting up the pool? Do I gotta?

It’s too late for a pool, at least for anyone who thinks Florida A & M should win it all. The Niagara Purple Eagles won their first tournament game since 1970 last night.

I dunno what the deal is, but I can’t get the friggin NCAAsports player to work at all. No video, though I’m in the window… can’t flip between games or anything else. Seems like something is seriously not working someplace, in both Firefox and IE.

Louisville looked great, and Davidson is certainly able to keep up with Maryland. Unfortunately unable to watch any of Tech, but really want to since I barely even got to see them this year (and the game is blacked out).

— Alan

Got it to work right around halftime. I think this was more due to some technical problems on CBS’ end more than anything else (though was wondering if their note about pop-up blockers means you couldn’t get the entire window or just the actual video portion of it).

— Alan