March Maxim

march maxim is a

kristen bell scarcely clothed
buy it now today

Weird haiku… I don’t get it.

Who is Christen Bell?
Kristen Bell on March issue
Next time do research

Another problem
Dressed is but one syllable
You write bad Haiku

Try the internet
For copyrighted jpegs
A bald man coughs milk

“A bald man coughs milk”
While I ponder its meaning
Ah! the answer comes

QT3’ers who buy Maxim? Did the gene pool really become that diluted when GoneGold collapsed?

cough cough

I just don’t find her all that attractive.

Go sit next to Euri.

Bah, I thought you meant Catherine Bell, the chick from JAG. Now THAT is hot.

Edited to conform to Haiku meme.

And don’t scroll down that thread Bob linked to. Seriously, I thought an endless litany of “I’d hit that” posts had fallen into impossible-to-do-without-irony-attached but, no.

As as much I, like Gary, love me some Catherine Bell (Skinemax has that silly Hot Line series, and every so often they run the episode Bell appears nekkid in), I find myself hardly repulsed at Kristen, either. But I’m a horny bastard, I dunno.

If you like Catherine Bell, then you SHOULD scroll down that thread that was linked.

Um, what show is she on?

Veronica Mars
hot high school private eye is
actually legal

Wow, I thought Bill was joking, but he’s absolutely right. Astonding that a bunch of GAF-inhabiting nerds would be willing to lower their standards to include a woman who is attractive enough to play a lead role on a television show.

Your haikus suck balls
Don’t attempt if you can’t count
Here: Five, Seven, Five

Fuck you all it’s hard
to drive an 18 wheeler
and write cops get mad

Catherine Bell is here

Why do some guys try
Posting in haiku-themed thread
They don’t stick with it