Marches may mark rise in Latino power

HOUSTON, Texas (Reuters) – Massive street marches to protest a proposed crackdown on illegal immigration have energized U.S. Hispanics and may signal a new day of Hispanic political involvement.

Yeah, so millions of people from a foriegn country enter illegally and it’s a surprise that political power is going to shift? These people already have a country where they wield political power, and it’s a total cock-up. For every 100,000 new “citizens” there will be one or two ambitious men to run for office, and they’ll be elected. I predict in 10 years, our new countrymen will use this power to open the border completely. Don’t scoff–they have enough power today to get their way with our immigration laws.

From now on, all my posts will be in Spanish.

I’m guessing you’re not a native Houstonian.

Native to the Houston area.

Shouldn’t that be “Yo estoy de Houston?”


A buddy spent over two years trying to get citizenship for his wife. He says it was a very time consuming process.

There are a few INS processing centers scattered around the United States. The largest and slowest (because they are swamped) is in Dallas. It used to be housed in a high-rise building, but they had to move to a single story warehouse. The weight of the paper they were processing was compromising the structural integrity of the highrise.

See Zar, as a Pearlandero, I don’t get all the “oh my God, there are Hispanics here” going on regarding the immigration debate. In fifty years, the rest of the country may have the same percentage of Hispanics as we have in Texas right now. So what? Last I checked, whatever problems we have in Texas are the Baptists’ fault, not the Hispanics’.

Seriously, think about this - how do you think we got the current laws and “enforcement” we have? It sure as fuck wasn’t a bunch of immigrants who very rarely vote agitating for them. Take it up with your capitalist overlords.

No Irish!

Meh, I’m in Socal. No change expected. Northern areas- get uninsured motorist insurance. That is basically the only issue I personally have w/ illegal immigrants: that they drive…

Our cars have been hit 4 times by illegals with no insurance, last time , drunk ones, who just ran and left their car and their elderly passenger who was hurt. That one is going to insurance. The last 3 paid to fix our cars out of pocket and we didnt call the cops (who cant and wont help anyways, but they do still make people nervous I guess)

So yeah, get some uninsured motorist insurance and you are all set.

Hispanics are mostly good Catholics, anyhow.

I’m in Pearland too, :)

I’m not alarmed about living with Hispanics, not at all. My girlfriend is Hispanic. I am concerned about the shift in demographics. A country that cannot control its border is not much of a country.

Yes, I agree with you in part; businesses who hire illegals and vote-grubbing Democrats who forsee future nanny state constituents share the blame for this mess.

What? I hate to crush a fellow Pearlander, but are you high? What mess? Millions of hard-working, honest, young people who work cheap? Europe, China and Japan wish they had a mess like that.

You want to blame someone for the porous border, blame the Republicans for lacking the cajones to crack down on businesses hiring illegals after Reagan passed the amnesty law in the 80’s.

Here’s an issue I agree with Bush on (somewhat).

People are going to come to this country illegally - and that’s going to continue as long as:

A. Things in their country suck.
B. Things here look better by comparison.
C. Given proximity and/or costs, why not give it a try to give it a go, here?

Soooooo… if it’s a given that people are going to try to keep coming, what should we do?

  1. Beef up border security certainly. I’m pro-fence. Yeah, it may not look pretty, but in the post 9/11 world, it actually is a significant problem (immigration and wage issues aside) that our border is so porous.

  2. But what about the people that ALREADY made it? Well, if they’re here and are working, and want to pay taxes, and want to pay a penalty on top of that, and want to make themselves eligible for the draft, then that’s fine by me.

Bottomline - we should do our best to STOP illegal immigrants. But once they’re here, they should pay for the privilege.

Oh, please. This is the illegal labor employer’s mess. Please provide some evidence for your long-run conspiracy theory that Democrats have made it easier to illegally immigrate because maybe 30 years after someone immigrates they might vote for a Democrat.

I’m with you on this one, but I don’t buy into the fence idea for purely pragmatic purposes. Considering all the other hurdles and dangers to an illegal border crossing, a fence seems like a laughable afterthought. It’s sort of like putting a stop sign in the middle of a mine field to slow traffic.

What I do think would slow immigration is to shrink the number of employers who are willing to employ illegals. Mind you, I’m no utopian optimist who thinks that will stop illegal immigration, but it ought to slow it.

Just to pile on Jason’s point, the Latino vote in California prior to proposition 187 (for those who remember when that was in the news back in the 90s), while Democratic leaning was definitely up for grabs. It was only when California’s governor (Pete Wilson) began to campaign on it that California shifted from an up-for-grab state to a solid blue one.

Similarly, Bush in 2004 made significant inroads in regards the Hispanic vote (up 9 points from 2000). Kerry still won it (53 percent) but his lead over Bush was in the single digits (Bush garnered 44 percent).

As I said, a lot of these folks are good Catholics. The Republicans’ “Family Values” sales pitch resonates well with 'em.

I don’t see the Democrats getting the big boon they think they’ll get from this.

No, I’ve seen 'em; they’re all going to church.