Marcus Mumford - Cannibal - Steven Spielberg directed music video

I guess attaching Spielberg’s name to it will get people to watch it, but I’m failing to see what cinematic skill he brought to this video.

Love the song. Honestly don’t understand the interplay of a director along with every other piece in a video production, but it looked good to my eyes.

I think there’s a few choices made that definitely show a defter hand at shot composition and camera movement that go above what a layman like me would do if given a phone and told to film the same subject. Is it particularly “Spielbergian” or crazy? No, but I think the oddity of Spielberg choosing to personally shoot this video after a decades-long career is pretty wild.

Maybe he got the bug for music videos after West Side Story. He certainly did a terrific job capturing the whirling energy and pounding rhythms in that film, and he could pound this one out in an afternoon.

This video also answered the question, “what happened to the sons from Mumford & Sons?”

Marcus Mumford - Cannibal

Asked and answered.