Marie Kondo gives up on tidying up


I guess its not as easy to be preachy when you have multiple rugrats.

Yeah no shit. Kids change housecleaning priorities.

I always thought it was all just a act.

Her t-shirt folding technique for drawers actually works quite well. It’s easy, does “tidy up” the drawers, and is quick. We still do it to this day.

You mean I didn’t have to buy one of these?


I don’t know about “feeling and communicating with the clothes” and “sparking joy” but this is the basic fold:

I think it was a Slate article from waaaaay back, but the writer was a mother who was lamenting she couldn’t shower her third child (a newborn) with as much affection that her older siblings received because she was too busy doing stuff like making sure the older siblings weren’t trying to do stuff like drown each other in the bathub.

That passage always stuck with me.

Well, I never embraced her philosophy much, but that folding technique let me fit all my nerd t-shirts in a single drawer, so thanks, Marie and Telefrog!

Yeah, I like it because when you put the t-shirts into the drawer like folders in a filing cabinet, that fold puts just enough of the front graphic facing up so you can see what shirt you’re grabbing, but it keeps them slim enough to really pack them in.

I’m pretty sure her folding technique is otherwise known in Japan as, “the way Japanese people fold things”. At least my wife does it. She could have gotten it from Marie Kondo but I doubt it. It seems so obvious that it makes you think how could people have ever stored their shirts in any other way?

I lived in Japan when Marie Kondo first made her debut and she was a fairly minor celebrity who was just one of many who preached similar simple life techniques who faded out of the limelight pretty quickly. Her call to fame was just the mentality going into tidying up vs actual techniques.

I was initially shocked when she successfully was able to take her style global and have so much success abroad.

I knew I could just wait her out. I play the long game.

I put t-shirts on hangars. No folding necessary.

What about shoulder bumps?

Never been a problem.