Mario Golf

Anyone else excited? Anyone other than Dave Long?

raises hand

I’m more excited about the GBA version than the Cube one. As strange as it sounds, Mario Golf for Game Boy Color was one of the best console RPGs I’ve played.


I played the N64 Mario Golf so much that it amazes me. I spent months playing that game. I love it so and it’s finally coming back to me.

My thoughts exactly. Marior Golf on GBC is still worth buying. I assume they are doing a GBA version of the new Mario Golf? (fingers crossed)

I’m more excited about Mario Tennis, but I’ll take what I can get.

Count me in as more excited for the GBA version. GBC Mario Golf is still one of the best portable games money and time can offer.

Me too. It’s hard to find used GBC Mario Golf carts in stores, and auction sellers want to charge you up the wazoo for it.

I’m kind of a “seen one golf game, seen 'em all” guy, but if the course hazards and whatnot are really cool, I’ll take a look.

I’m a bit more geeked about F Zero, Viewtiful Joe, and the new Tales game. Not that other consoles don’t have wunnerful, wunnerful stuff too.

I’m excited, might be reason enough to finally buy a new GBA. :)

I played the Mario Golf Gamecube demo. It’s good stuff. Chain Chomps in the sandtraps, nice swing control, easy for the kids, looks great and is bright and colorful. It’s definitely on my list to pick up.


Amen. I found a copy in a Toys R Us last summer, and I’ve enjoyed it far more than most of the GBA titles I own.

I’ll happily pick up the GameCube version as well.

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I stopped by Gamestop yesterday to purchase (though I have to pick it up today) KOTOR, and to reserve Mario Golf and F-Zero. I saw the demo of Mario Golf but there were people playing it. It looks ultra keen.

I spent a lot of time playing it on the N64 when visiting my in-laws, so I’ll probably pick it up for the GC sometime. I don’t even like golf, so why do I like that game?

It’s very addictive. I love golf, but several of my friends hate it and played Mario Golf obsessively.

I played the demo at EB and after 2 minutes I needed to never hear that music again. But that’s just me.

That’s what the options screen is for.