Mario Kart single player - made for stooges?

Seriously, I love this game, but is there any way to make it not absurdly easy?

Did you beat 150cc? The game gets considerably harder with each engine class.

Oh fine. 150cc is what I’m used to from previous games, but I’ve been playing on 50cc to unlock that stuff. Are there unlockables for 150cc?

I rarely play any racing games and have never played a Mario Kart game. 50cc was absurdly easy, but I appreciated it for the chance to learn the tracks and gameplay mechanics. I started having trouble with some of the 100cc cups, though, and have had to try some of them a few times to win them. I haven’t even tried the 150cc classes.

Call me a stooge, I guess. :)

150cc wooped me good when I first played Double Dash. After you play the tracks a bit more, you get used to the speed. Now, it’s all I ever play. 100cc and 50cc are just warmups.

Yeah, you really have to know how to drift-boost to win some races in 150cc class.

Oh, and I think if you get Gold in all of the circuits of one type (can’t remember if it was Nitro or Retro) in 150cc you free up 7 kart types for each character.

Definitely gets harder after 50cc. 100cc races will give you some trouble, but nothing major. 150cc is definitely another step up. I did all the 50ccs just to unlock the things you get for those Cups.


After my 2nd 50cc I couldn’t see why everybody liked this game either, then I tried to skip ahead to the 150cc to see what it was like. Within a minute I had quit out and ran back with my tail between my legs to the 50cc =)

I’ve cleared both the 50cc & 100cc championships. I’ve unlocked Waluigi. My unfamiliarity with all things Mario have me wondering what the hell kind of name is Waluigi? Luigi’s evil cousin I guess?

150cc is kicking my butt.

Mario’s evil version = Wario
Luigi’s evil version = Waluigi


That makes little sense. It should be “Upside down L” -uigi. 7uigi?

ruigi might work, but it has to stay uncapitalized.

“Warui” means “bad/evil” in Japanese. So “Waluigi” is a pun of sorts.

I last unlocked the 150cc Nitro cup reward(7 karts), unfortunately don’t expect 4 all new carts to add the unique 3 for each character. This just allows you to use certain carts already available on different characters. :(

Also, it seems Mission mode unlocks nothing. :(

Either they made 100cc harder, or my kart skills have degraded since double dash :P.

100cc semi-pwns me on some boards. My quest for gold in all continues. :)

Just got this a few hours ago, been playing it and kirby. Kirby can be HELL on the wrist omg but so fun.

Anyway I can’t seem to get the timing down on the start. You have to press go at the exact second you can start going right?

When the 2 appears, you hit it.


Basically, where the carot is, that’s where you hit the accelerator. You let 2 appear, wait a half second, and then hit it. It’s essentially the middle of when 2 appears, and when it disappears.

Thanks, can do it about half the time now. I should get better as I go. Also figured out coasting somewhat and boosting while coasting. I can see how this game can easily take a lot of skill to maste.r

The two appears, stops moving then goes away. When it stops moving that’s when you hit the accelerator.

Thanks, post before mine showed me how =d