Mario Kart single player - made for stooges?

I have never had problems with Mario Kart except for a level on the SNES version. Special Cup: Donut Plains 3, which is the first special cup 150cc level. It has that nasty bridge over the water along with gophers who pop up, not to mention the track is dirt with grass. It also has some hairpin turns.

Haven’t played the DS version yet however…

I have a new favorite kart. Dry bones with the dry bomber (looks like a small tank). Don’t be fooled by it’s low top speed. It has excellent handling, and amazing acceleration.

One trick that people might not know about is that the lighter karts benefit more from speed boosts, which include the mini speed bosts you get from power sliding. I can completely hold my own against all the high speed racers. Also, wipeout recovery is next to nil. You get hit one second, and then you’re right back in the race without missing a beat.

I’ve been doing very well with Toad on the standard kart. Most people I see onilne have one of Yoshi, Luigi, Waluigi and the occasional Wario, Mario or Dry Bones.

For the most part, it’s all about knowing the tracks and all the strategies you can use to gain time on people throughout. It’s also about circuit selection. A lot of folks won’t go through the water on Yoshi Falls for example, so I pick that regularly and get easy wins while they’re poking around on the top circuit. On Cheep Cheep Beach, hardly anyone uses the beach when the tide goes out. Once again, a huge shortcut that can put you way out in front.

Also… mushrooms are probably the best item in the game if you know where you can shortcut the turns. :)