Mario & Luigi DS

Lots of fun! I picked this up instead of Mario Kart, because tempting as MK was, I just don’t like racing games. It’s pretty much exactly like the first game, but with two more buttons. No touchscreen or microphone use, at least so far (about 4 hours in). If you liked the first game, I can recommend this, although it might be a little too similar if you just played the first one recently.

What are the puzzles like? Fun or pointlessly tedious?

Yeah I am thinking about picking this up at lunch today.

The puzzles are fun. The combat gets tedious since although each enemy behaves differently, you fight a bunch of the same thing in each area. The boss battles are good, and the first few times you fight each enemy is fun, but after that…meh. The puzzles have a lot of back and forth between the adult and baby bros, with one pair opening up a new path for the other.