Mario makes clown Ronald McDonald less scary

Title Mario makes clown Ronald McDonald less scary
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When July 12, 2014

You're playing too much Mario Kart 8 when you look at the above photo of a Mario Kart 8 event at a Los Angeles McDonalds to promote Nintendo-themed Happy Meals and the second thing you think is "you know, those kids might be getting extra top speed by equipping the sl

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Ah, smart Nintendo! Grease them up early! They'll be ripe for QoL products soon enough!

I'm thinking "whoever's in that suit probably moved to L.A. to pursue his or her love of acting."

We'll see if those kids are still smiling after Luigi blue shells one of them and rides by with that Luciferian look in his eye.

I would be absolutely furious if I had to wait behind that many people for my frickin' quarter pounder! Sheesh!