Mario Power Tennis

Anyone else playing this? Fry’s had it lightly on sale ($45) so I picked it up since the kids don’t get to play the GTASA/H2/HL2 triple whammy. I’m enjoying it so far, it is like a cross between Mario Party and Tennis. It seems more on the wacky side than Toadstool Tour, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The only thing I don’t like is how the power shots disrupt the flow of the game, but I’m learning to compensate.

Me too. I think it’s excellent, but that could be due to the fact that my wife really likes it (and she hates everything). It was a big hit with nongamers last night during a get together I had. I haven’t played enough to call it better than Top Spin or Virtua Tennis yet.

I agree with you about the Power Shots. I wish they weren’t animated seperately and that they were, um, “more gamey?” I wish you had more control over them. But my wife loves that you just have to hold down a button to do it. Makes her feel powerful. Or L33t. Or whatever.

How does it compare to the N64 version? That one was an ‘ok’-party game, but every single person I know prefers Virtua Tennis.

I lvoed Mario Tennis on the N64 more than I should, mainly thanks to the “skill challenges”. I’ve wanted to play Virtua Tennis to see how it measures up, though. Sounds pretty dry, next to MT, though.

I’m seriously worried that the GC sequel will be more of the same. As was the case with Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and the N64 prequel (and Hot Shots Golf 3 and 4, for that matter), the updates might be insignificant.

Sakuraba might be doing the music, though, so it should be worth a rental for that ;)

I wouldn’t mind more of the same for Mario Power Tennis. MT64 is still the best multiplayer game ever when you’ve got non-gamers in the room. I’d even take a straight port just to get Wavebird support because this is the kind of game that gets people who usually pass on games to grab at the controller so they can try.

Bub, can’t you turn the power shots off? Or at least the animations?

I just played this for the first time (I haven’t even played it for Nintendo 64) and it was amazing. Simple yet incredibly addictive. Easy to pick up. If Nintendo wants to keep providing games like this, by all means, they can.

Just be sure to pick Bowser for the unstoppable “power to the side” serve ;). Managed to win an entire set 2-0 of 6-0 6-0 like that :) (at least when playing against humans).