Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

I could have sworn there was a thread for this, but I’m not finding it so I’ll assume for now there isn’t and we only ever talked about it in the E3 and Switch threads.

A new trailer dropped today, which was excellent, and worth sharing:

Since this a new thread, I’ll describe what this is here in brief for those that maybe don’t follow E3 and/or Nintendo/Ubisoft joint games!

The basic gameplay isn’t readily apparent yet, though we know there is some sort of hub and “worlds”, but the combat is the real star, along with a fantastic and very entertaining story co-starring. Combat plays out in turns, and in fact is lifted nearly directly from modern XCOM. There are 8 characters to create a three-man fire team with, and each character has unique skill trees and weapon upgrades, and based on the trailer above as well as some gameplay videos featured just earlier this week by press that were able to play some of the game, there looks to be a good variety of enemy types and tactical decisions to be made. It sounds like while it starts off fairly easy to get into, it ramps up and becomes more and more layered and complex as the game moves forward.

It is supposed to feature co-op gameplay as well, though I don’t think it’s been shown how exactly that works. I’ll drop some links to a few videos I saw parts of over the last few days, these guys talk a little more in-depth on what exactly is going on here. Seems to definitely be one to keep an eye on.




My preorder was in the day it was announced. Mario, Rabbids and … man-level strategy?! Sign me up!

This looks surprisingly cool to me. I’m down for colorful x com.

This was a big surprise at E3. I’m very excited.

Little video I missed yesterday, talking about how the difficulty ramps up and showing off some co-op.

Indeed. I first saw ‘Mario and Rabbids’ and let out an audible groan of disgust and turned it off.

Then caught wind of what it was, watched, and now realize that I need this.

this looked killer at E3… and the portability of the switch is just a match made in heaven!

Is that same-system co-op?

Yeah I think so, just watched some dudes playing it together. Looks very cool. This is one of the other reasons besides Splatoon 2 and SnipperClips that I’ll be picking up a Switch asap.

Interestingly, this is apparently using Snowdrop engine (Tom Clancy’s The Division), which is pretty top-tier.

The only other game using it is the upcoming South Park RPG. Could we possibly get a Switch version of that? :)

“Rabbid Luigi” got a chuckle out of me

Reviews are coming in and it sounds like it’s being well received!

Pre-order is on the way.

This looks so good!

I must finish Steamworld Heist first though. I really loved that game too but just dropped it sometime last year for reasons unrelated to my enjoyment of the game.

You should! It’s one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played all year.

Woo hoo! Lets-a go! (to the Switch eshop)

I bought this before really understanding it’s more Xcom than mario. I suck at Xcom. I hope I will dig it, sounds like it’s pretty brutal and unforgiving.

You should read Qt3, I bought it because this thread made it sound like Xcom.

LOL I did my part!