Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


I agree with @CLWheeljack that you do seem to have to prioritize in a way that’s less than optimal. This is why many JRPGs will only allow you to use three dudes/dudettes but still give the XP to your whole squad whether they participate or not. You can keep everyone together on abilities that way.

I’m sure if they make another one they might find some way to address that. I mean, playing the challenges does get you extra dough to keep them up too though, I suppose? It’s just more gameplay to get there which isn’t a bad thing really.


It was just the attacks. I recall them being random and it took me a while to work out that only the full cover black blocks shielded you from the wave. The blocks were just far apart enough to be awkward to get to if you got knocked back as well. One of my favourite tricks for that boss was using Sentries to trigger the plate!

@CLWheeljack I cycled my heroes throughout the game and almost always spent my coins upgrading the weakest characters first (followed by keeping Mario strong because he never gets switched out). I did the same with Steamworld Heist and it worked really well.

Sometimes a character might skip a tier of weapons entirely but this approach meant I could choose who I wanted without taking too much of a hit on damage output or status effects. I found it was worth doing the challenges after each world because the difficulty is just right and it allows you to grab some more upgrades before you move on. I think if I’d come back to the challenges later they’d have been too easy and I relished the difficult battles.


Yeah, I agree they are far apart, which makes it a pain if only one character gets knocked back, since they are probably then out of range for movement shenanigans, forcing you to move one character out of desired position to get another character where you would like. The other things you mentioned, I figured it pretty quickly. The aggressive play I made with Mario was necessitated because of the 180 flip on the last phase and the fact that Luigi had been knocked back, so it would have taken too many turns to employ that tactic. Knowing how the fight works now, it would be much easier to position Luigi into cover before the switch so that wasn’t necessary.


Yeah, in practice, I’d have enough cash to upgrade my 4 mains, and then a couple of the other ones before the next tier is unlocked. My least used characters might leapfrog a tier, but everybody was more or less on track by the end of each world / next tier.

I just didn’t ever feel a motivation to use some of the later characters unless explicitly forced to.


I think the two Yoshis are introduced a bit too late to get a good feel for how best to use them effectively. I found Rabbid Yoshi and Rabbid Mario a dream team with their combined ability to push then pull a ton of enemies into a cluster. Rabbid Yoshi was a good hero for getting behind enemy lines with his high mobility, dash attacks, scream and shield. Yoshi was very versatile, but as I said, he comes late so he’s tricky to slot in. I tried to max their unique abilities out first to get a better idea of their strengths.


Here is a great video about how the Ubi team convinced both Ubi and Nintendo to do this game.


Oh wow, that was remarkable. Got a bit teary eyed at the end there. Clearly a labour of love. Thanks for sharing.


What characters do you like to use? I’m kind of at an impasse.

  • Luigi is so good I feel like I can’t not use him
  • If I use Luigi I’m not allowed to also use Peach because they limit non-rabbid character selection
  • I usually use Rabbid Peach and can’t really tell whether Rabbid Luigi or Rabbid Mario are worth it


I use 'em all, to be honest. I will say that if you use Rabbid Luigi he can take the place of a healer since he spreads the vamp status affliction everywhere. They’re all great, though.

If I had a general rule, it would be to not pair these characters together:

Rabbid Peach
Rabbid Luigi

The top 3 can heal, and Luigi doesn’t play well with healers since he has a low health pool and tends to be far away from healing range. Just my two cents.


I use rabbid Luigi, rabbid mario and Luigi pretty much exclusively. I swap out rabbid mario and Luigi depending on the mission.


I generally choose 2 from: Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Luigi, Luigi.

Rabbid Peach and Rabbid Luigi both provide healing capabilities, and both have multiple dash attacks. Luigi has neither, but has mobility and range, so he can be good for some missions. Luigi does also have overwatch.

I’ve used some others situationally, but I don’t care for the shotgun mechanics (pure personal preference), or some of the AoE damage effects (i.e. Rabbid Mario’s dashes), because I don’t like the potential for friendly fire damage.


That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

edit: Wait $60?? Damn.


It goes on sale reasonably often. I got it for $40 a couple weeks ago.


Thanks, yeah I will wait.


I love the AoE characters, like Peach and Rabbid Mario – they’re so destructive – but they’re obviously not great for longer range engagements. Like @Mark_L, I used 'em all. I don’t know how far along you are but here’s some quick notes from my experience.

  • I know you have to bring Mario but he’s a really good all-rounder. His stomp attack is fantastic so make sure that’s upgraded as much as possible. Same with his M-Power.

  • Luigi felt like a really good option no matter what the battle, his damage output is crazy coupled with his stare and Mario’s M-Power. As bros. they couple up well. Sentry is difficult to use far back, but it’s handy in a pinch for dealing with groups and cover.

  • Rabbid Peach is a safe choice. She’s really versatile with her mobility, dashes, healing, shield and sentries for rooting out enemies in cover.

  • Rabbid Luigi is a little nightmare with his vamp dashes, mobility and weaken. His bworb is quite weak and low range, but he’s a good lone wolf because he can vamp heal, protect from status effects and spread them around himself.

  • Rabbid Mario is one of my favourites. A total wrecking ball if you can get him up close in the right place. Magnet dance + boomshot + hammer + boom dash = utter carnage in a single turn. I rarely used his body guard ability though.

  • Peach is my other favourite. She’s vicious and defensive with her boomshot + royal gaze combo coupled with guard and jump heal. Much like Rabbid Mario, well positioned she’s incredibly powerful. Be careful with her though: she’s got loads of HP for guard but it can disappear fast if your team are taking a beating (she pairs well with vamp, especially on the boomshot) and her royal gaze reaction shot can be risky!

  • Rabbid Yoshi is versatile but I think he excels behind enemy lines. He’s really mobile and can dash attack a lot of enemies en route but when he’s at the back he can pop his shield for protection or scare enemies towards your team and out of cover. It’s hard to do but coupled with Rabbid Mario’s magnet dance you can push/pull a lot of enemies into one area.

  • Yoshi is very late game so you don’t get a good feel for his strengths unless you keep him in your team. I considered him to be a kind of long range support. His rocket launcher and massive AoE team jump ground pound is good for groups and dealing with cover but his special ability guarantees critical/golden shots for nearby allies which can be very handy.

I thought this was one of the better guides:

DK is coming with the spring DLC! Very excited.

Time to pick up the season pass.


Rabbid Luigi’s vamp is so broken. It’s essentially a full heal for whoever shoots a vamped target.


I’ll have to make a point of taking him into some of the ultra hard challenges to see how he fares. Did you do many of those? They’re pretty epic, in size and what gets thrown at you. The turn limits are fairly tight so you have to work fast too.


I’ve done all the challenges after their respective chapters which helped me avoid the money problems some here seemed to have. At this point I’ve 100% the entire game except the 2 final challenges


Mario Odyssey is excellent, but I like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle even more. There, I said it. Very glad I picked this up on sale last week.


Both are awesome. 2017 was a banner year for games IMO and Switch had one every month that I enjoyed immensely.