Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


Mario Odyssey is excellent, but I like Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle even more. There, I said it. Very glad I picked this up on sale last week.


Both are awesome. 2017 was a banner year for games IMO and Switch had one every month that I enjoyed immensely.


I just beat the Opera boss and wow was that sequence fun!


Yeah, I only finished Mario Odyssey last month and enjoyed it a lot, but I still preferred Mario + Rabbids. As polished and jubilant as Odyssey is, it reminded me just how… I dunno, tame or safe and Disney-like Nintendo’s Mario is now. I will say however that the ending was amusing in a quiet and unexpected way.

The Rabbids on the other hand brought a lot of personality and cheeky off-kilter humour to the Mushroom Kingdom. It’d be easy to just say that the Rabbid versions of each character upstaged their human counterpart but that’d be a disservice to Princess Peach doing the saving for once and Luigi having his ‘Steely Stare’ and dabbing:

Never mind all the unique environmental flourishes and amusing lines from Beep-O.

Even Bowser Jr. has his moments:

I could just never shake the feeling that the developers were having so much fun throughout and that really rubbed off on me.

@LMN8R Yeah, that boss was brilliant!


Totally agree. This game was made by people who grew up loving Mario and were just tremendously excited to make a Mario game, and their love shines through.


I think I’m getting toward the end now. Man there were three battles in a row with no breaks, against all those minigunners and Rabbid wario/waluigi mini bosses, that was tough! Definitely needed to give up on my plan to Perfect every level.



How on earth does one complete the final boss in 7 turns or fewer?? I’ve met the turn number in almost every mission but this one took me 14.


That’s one of the few I didn’t do while in the chapter. I had to go back to him after the fact. I did it in around the same moves as you the first time.


Must need to focus all your fire on the boss and just avoid the other enemies?


I believe rabbid Mario’s high damage aoes were instrumental in doing both


I can’t remember which heroes I used to perfect that level. Mario (obv), Luigi and… Rabbid Mario (AoE dash attack, hammer and magnet dance) or Rabbid Yoshi (range, mobility, dash attacks).

The levels with Rabbid Wario/Waluigi and the Valkyries are tough but I had a blast trying to eke out a victory. They’re proper long fights too.


Just finished this a few minutes ago. My first two attempts were both failures before the third phase—or at least, I decided they were failures. I wasn’t worrying about turn limits, but if I had a character knocked out I would always restart.

Before my third attempt I googled around a bit for team suggestions and saw a gamefaqs post suggesting Mario + Luigi + Rabbid Peach. R. Peach is good for the heals plus her sentry and 4x dashes. Mario and Luigi are both good with their hero watch/steely stare.

The post also gave me a heads up on how Bowser behaved on the third phase; it might have taken me another attempt if I had to figure that out on my own, but I managed in six turns with that team. I used all my dashes and jumps on the rabbids, and the sentries from Luigi and R. Peach. I never missed a chance to hit the rabbids with a dash or something, but I also didn’t concentrate on them entirely. Mostly I kept my distance and the damage they did from afar wasn’t enough to overcome the healing from R. Peach. Mario focused on Bowser the whole time, and I always made sure to position the team so they all got the benefit of his M. Power ability. I almost always paired that with the turn where Luigi used Steely Stare, which put a lot of damage on Bowser—especially in phase two where he moved every turn.

Bowser took enough damage from the overwatch moves as he started phase three that he was around 900 hp the first time he actually attacked, and I knew to be positioned behind the large blocks. I killed him on that first stun with an M. Power hammer from Mario and sentry from R. Peach.


Those four ultimate challenge levels are no joke.


Yea I have 2 of those still. I’ll get back to them one day


Congrats! The post-game challenge I remember having the most trouble with was the one with the effects crates everywhere and various mid-bosses scattered around. Chaotic! I really love the sprawl of some of the later levels and challenges though.


This month!


Interview with more details:


Everything about this is great.


I just finished this, completely coincidentally on the same day that the expansion launched (I had to keep telling it not to apply the update when unlocking the system in the final battle).

Really loved it – the emphasis on mobility gives it a very different vibe than most tactics games, and the stage design was very good. I did often wish for a hard mode, though, and am not sold on the character balancing – I had a hard time forcing myself to use characters other than Luigi (triple overwatch with bounce crits is nuts) and Rabbid Mario (pull a half-dozen enemies together and wipe them out with one M-Powered hammer blow) for the sake of variety.

I haven’t gone back to do the book 4 challenges yet, and might let it rest a while and revisit it down the road when I’m ready for the expansion.


I had no idea the expansion was released yesterday! I need to hurry up with Hyper Light Drifter then!

Heh, upthread and elsewhere most folk swear by Rabbid Luigi but I was always a Rabbid Mario fanboy myself too. Some of the later challenges are really tough and I found I had to experiment with different characters to get more appropriate synergies going. I loved using Rabbid Yoshi to get behind enemy lines and push them towards Rabbid Mario for him to then pull them in. I was a sucker for Peach too and her healing team jump and shield, boomshot and royal gaze combo.

God, I need to get back on this.


Still playing this game. Just love it and and not thru the DK stuff yet. The DLC has been worth it.