Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


I’d like to be able to rotate the camera more incrementally too, rather than along two axes.

I also wish I could use the Tacticam after I’ve plotted a manoeuvre to a new position to see if I’m in range for an ability before I commit, but you can only cycle your abilities with the Tacticam in your current location when you’ve not plotted any moves. This then means you have to start counting squares which can lead to screwing up. It’s not a major but I find myself checking the Tacticam often and being disappointed I can’t do this.

Oh man, yeah, this is absolutely key. Be sure to keep an eye on the enemy tags around the edges of the screen while deciding where to move. Be wary too that if your hero has a Grenaduck or Sentry the percentage will be locked at 100% provided you’re in range (because they negate cover). This can catch you out if you’re hoping to land a shot with your gun! I think you’ll see a little blast/impact icon next to the 100% in these cases.

Edit: I encountered the toughest story bit I’ve come across last night at 3-7. Still going for perfects and not had much trouble so far. I welcomed the added bite!


I still haven’t had a chance to play this yet, it’s yet unopened while I try to play Dishonored and Divinity Original Sin 2, but I’m very excited to get into it.

I did find this interesting tidbit this morning, though.


That’s really cool. Mario + Rabbids is a really great distillation of the X-Com style down to a level that makes it much more accessible. I can honestly say having seen some more casual people watch me play that it is less accessible than we all think it is as gamers, but it definitely is the closest to bringing them in of anything with this kind of depth. It’s not quite Advance Wars let’s say, but it’s not that far up the strategy pole from there.


He should have done it, and found a way to include autopsies.


Finished this earlier on, 100% and all Perfect, took roughly 65 hours in total. Yup, I’m as characteristically slow as ever. The environmental details and Rabbids’ antics slowed me down a lot because I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff.

If you’re wondering whether to truck on with the story and do the challenges later or do the challenges after each world, I’d recommend the latter. Coming back at the end would make them all a lot easier reducing the challenge and the strategy required. Not to mention, it does get trickier later on anyway so the added coins and orbs will help keep your heroes up to scratch and your options open.

From the discussions I’ve read on the subreddit, it seems most folk think Rabbid Luigi is the best hero and Rabbid Yoshi one of the worst… but I think this view is very shortsighted! I cycled the characters throughout the game and some of the abilities and synergies are just so powerful. I’d encourage you all to experiment and not rely on the same heroes.

Anyway, what a tremendous game, and what a surprise. This is the Ubisoft I love.


I usually rotated Rabid Luigi, Rabid Mario, and Luigi as situations required with an occasional Peach or Rabid Peach thrown in if I needed more heal. The Rabbid Bros tackles are just too powerful to ignore. Especially Rabbid Luigi and his 100% vamp for the rest of the team being a great way to heal everyone to full while also keeping on the Damage Per Turn.


Rabbid Luigi is great if you can get him close and there aren’t too many enemies to deal with. I found in more open spaces with raised areas and enemies littered everywhere he was tricky to get into good positions. That said, against a few tough enemies (big bosses notwithstanding) he’s a little beast, especially with weaken.

One of my favourite strategies was to get Rabbid Yoshi behind enemy lines, scare enemies towards Rabbid Mario, get him to use the Magnet Dance to drawn them in closer, then smash the stuffing out of them. Bonus damage with Hero Sight too.

Mario + Rabbids is also the first game where I’ve considered Peach a badass.


Why did no one tell me what an absolute beast Rabbid Mario is? He gets stuck in and wreaks havoc. A total linebreaker. I’ve been teaming him up with Rabbid Luigi and they’re an inexorable mincing machine of furry fury. Man, this game is great! Sequel when?


Just wrapped this up, or at least saw credits. Seems there is some post-game stuff I may well dive into as I don’t have any other Switch game ahead of me. Man, this was an A+ game for me - once I got into it I had a hard time putting it down, and I just loved it. From the design to the visuals, this is one of the best games I played this year.

And that sound track!


I’m going to keep an eye out for a sale around Thanksgiving. If not, I imagine I will pick up a used copy eventually. Definitely think I will enjoy it, but I have Zelda to keep me busy for the moment with Fire Emblem Warriors and Destiny for PC on the horizon.


Absolutely agree. Possibly my game of the year so far, no lie. The artwork, music, and such a fantastic twist on XCOM’s gameplay! I am loving every minute of this.


He’s a bwah-king ball, and with so much swagger too!

Glad you enjoyed it @Scott_Lufkin. Not sure whether you dealt with the challenges after each world but I imagine most of them will be easy now if you didn’t. The post-game challenges are tough and meaty though.

I managed to get my screenshots shared on Facebook and only viewable to myself and then downloaded to upload here (seriously Nintendo, is that the only way I can get images off the Switch?). I have more but these are some of my favourites. I’ve spoilered them, just in case.


Love the look on this guy’s face.

Another lovely touch is the way Mario holds his arms out when he’s back at the castle as if he’s flying around.

Beep-O responding to an escort mission.

It’s a Kong way down.


This is pretty much how I do it as well, I don’t think there is a much better way to upload them, unfortunately, but it works okay.

Great shots!


It’s the opposite for me. It’s a great game, easily the best thing on Switch. But I find it really hard to play more than about 30 minutes at a time. After that I’ve really had my fill, and won’t be able to play more in a day or two. So it’s kind of slow going. Not sure why; usually I’ll either binge on a game endlessly, or find it not worth playing at all. It feels very strange to have a game that I like playing but only in small bursts.

The one thing that really grinds my gears is that to see all the content you need to traverse through the worlds multiple times. First time to do the normal missions, then a second time to do the challenges (which you can’t wait with that long, or they become trivial), and then a third time to do puzzles after you gain the abilities needed to solve the puzzles.


You shouldn’t have to do them a third time. I’d be very cranky with that too! The abilities you gain at the end of a world are for the secrets in that world (and future worlds) so the challenge and chest sweep you do afterwards should be all you need to get 100%. It’s two runs tops, unless you miss something. The only outliers are the secrets in the castle hub area which you have to return to at the end.

I had this with Invisible Inc. Enjoyed everything about it but… couldn’t stay on it for long. It was pretty much a level a session. Perhaps the focus required and the intensity of the decision-making was tiring me out subconsciously.


To clarify, I find it hard to do anything, even video games or watching a movie, for 30 minutes at a time these days. I played a lot of M+R in the last few weeks, but not like marathon 2 hour sessions or anything. Though I would get back to it later that same day, so that’s the difference, I suppose.

This is so optional as to be something I rarely did. The only thing worth finding int the wild are orbs, and those are worth looking out for, but I never felt compelled to run around and unlock stuff I’d walked past before. It took too much time, so once I wrapped world 3 I only focused on the secret level because that led to more fights. I still had almost 1,000 orbs per character to spend, by the end of the game. I like that someone CAN do all that extra stuff, but it really isn’t “content” per se, except the secret levels.


I have a lot of games that are like this for me. Games that I like, but they stress me out to play. Darkest Dungeon is a perfect example. I usually end up bouncing right off games like that, because there’s always something else to play. I’ve actually gotten better at just not buying games like that. I did pick up Cryptark and Has-Been Heroes in a humble bundle, and have enjoyed watching videos of both but probably won’t end up playing them much.

Thinking of buying Cogmind, but that probably ends the same way


Great screenshots! This game is almost as great to look at as it is to play.


I finally had some time to play this weekend (because I ignored other things I should’ve been doing instead) and I’m at 2-8 now. I decided to go back and play some Challenges before starting that one after reading things in this thread and proceeded to lose the second one in World 1 marked “Easy” on my first try (Toad escort…). I think my biggest gripe about the game so far is the overlay for movement. I would like it to be more like what’s used in the Fire Emblem games where you can see not only the range of movement but also the distance you can reach when firing from the ending space. There’s a little too much calculus left up to the player with that stuff IMO.

That said, I’m still loving this game. It is beautiful as geggis’ screenshots show. Rabbid Mario is a blast to use and probably my favorite so far because he’s just pure attacking chaos. So much fun. Rabbid Luigi is a close second because his vampire effects are so useful. Anyway, I fully intend to finish this game. It’s a breath of fresh air in exactly the same way I felt The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was too. I still think BotW is the best game of 2017, but this is easily top five.


I remember there being a way to do that. I think pressing x maybe to change the view?