Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


I have a lot of games that are like this for me. Games that I like, but they stress me out to play. Darkest Dungeon is a perfect example. I usually end up bouncing right off games like that, because there’s always something else to play. I’ve actually gotten better at just not buying games like that. I did pick up Cryptark and Has-Been Heroes in a humble bundle, and have enjoyed watching videos of both but probably won’t end up playing them much.

Thinking of buying Cogmind, but that probably ends the same way


Great screenshots! This game is almost as great to look at as it is to play.


I finally had some time to play this weekend (because I ignored other things I should’ve been doing instead) and I’m at 2-8 now. I decided to go back and play some Challenges before starting that one after reading things in this thread and proceeded to lose the second one in World 1 marked “Easy” on my first try (Toad escort…). I think my biggest gripe about the game so far is the overlay for movement. I would like it to be more like what’s used in the Fire Emblem games where you can see not only the range of movement but also the distance you can reach when firing from the ending space. There’s a little too much calculus left up to the player with that stuff IMO.

That said, I’m still loving this game. It is beautiful as geggis’ screenshots show. Rabbid Mario is a blast to use and probably my favorite so far because he’s just pure attacking chaos. So much fun. Rabbid Luigi is a close second because his vampire effects are so useful. Anyway, I fully intend to finish this game. It’s a breath of fresh air in exactly the same way I felt The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was too. I still think BotW is the best game of 2017, but this is easily top five.


I remember there being a way to do that. I think pressing x maybe to change the view?


Press X, you can even put the cursor on an enemy and lock said enemy and toggle through stuff like “Villain View range” and “Movement Range” to see where they can reach, and do the same with your own units. They do a little tutorial about it very early in the game, easy to miss.

EDIT What @MattN said. :)


He means it should show you the firing range from the square you’re highlighting. It only shows the range from the highlighted character’s current square.


How could it know which enemy you want that info for?


Whichever one you’re locked to


Right, so when I move my character, there is a range of fire that I have from the end of the move. I have already miscalculated whether I can reach my target and left myself without a target. You can’t see this the way it works now.

In Fire Emblem, you can see blue squares for movement but also red squares beyond those for the weapon range. That’s what’s missing.


Ah, that makes sense.

Honestly all I need is to rewind and retake my move or even entire turn, Tactics Ogre style. I wish more strategy games did this.


Sorry, I’m still not getting it. When you have the move cursor active, there are indicators that show the hit chance for each enemy from that location (0%, 50%, 100%, no line of sight, not in range). Are there really that many cases where this is not sufficient, and you need to also know which empty squares would be in range?

The only thing is that you only get this info for the primary weapon, but it seems like you’d have the same problem with the solution you propose.


Aye, but that UI element is for weapons only. There’s no easy way of knowing whether your hero ability will reach your allies from a new position until you’re at that position so you have to count squares beforehand. It’s rarely an issue but it’s an annoying limitation/oversight in certain situations and has caught me out a few times when I’ve miscounted.

I’m in agreement with @DaveLong though, when you’re plotting your move you should be able to switch to Tacticam and cycle the range of your abilities from your planned new position (or anywhere you can reach, really) and not just from where you currently are.

For example, I plan to move Rabbid Peach over to my team but I don’t know whether her heal ability will reach them so I plot my movement to a square nearby then hit X to bring up the Tacticam. The pointer snaps to the square Rabbid Peach is going to move to and I can use L and R to cycle her abilities (and weapons) as usual. That’s how I’d like it to be.

For general weapon use though, whether you can hit or not is shown on the UI when you’re choosing which square to move to. That’s pretty elegant, I’ve got to say. I think the only limitation is with explosive secondary weapons which will show a 100% hit chance when your primary might not be able to reach. This can be misleading at times if you don’t pay attention to the little icon next to the percentage.


Yup, this is the gist of it. That’s what is missing.

I think it sort of stumbles around the issue by showing the percentages when you’re judging a move but I think it’s also probably a little less intuitive than it should be. I mean, it’s not like tactical games haven’t been around for years now. There are good solutions in many of them. @Scott_Lufkin brings up another one, although a rewind arguably changes the nature of the game in ways a designer may not want to allow.

I don’t want to sound like it’s a gamebreaker or anything as I’m sure someone reading this is probably like “FUCK MARIO + RABBIDS RIGHT IN THE EYE!” after reading my posts. It’s clunky and it has cost me enough that I think it should be addressed in a sequel if that ever happens, but it’s not ruining my enjoyment of a great game.


I was so used to this from playing Disgaea on the Switch that it completely baffled me the first few times I wanted to do so in Mario Rabbids. I moved Mario one square too few, leaving him completely open, then spent a full minute fiddling with the controls trying to figure out which was the Undo button. I think I just restarted the mission at that point.


I occasionally nudged the thumbstick a smidgen too much just before hitting the A button and it often screwed my move up. It was annoying but I think it’s a testament to Mario + Rabbids that you’re rarely 100% stuffed; there’s almost always a way out if you find yourself in a pickle (no seriously, the hero movement and synergies give you so many options). I know that’s beside the point, and I’d welcome a rewind/undo feature for these kinds of fumbles too, but it’s worth mentioning because even if you do make the odd mistake, the game doesn’t brutally punish you for it.


I’ll be honest, moving to the wrong place and hitting A was something that happened to me nearly every battle by the end of the game, but wasn’t a problem for the first… 75% of it or so. No idea why. I often wanted to do the Tactics Ogre thing of undoing the movement, more than rewinding the entire turn. I think that’s all this needs, let me move, and then undo my move (but not actions) if I don’t like where I ended up.


Does the game have anything similar to overwatch or reaction shots that might make it possible to cheat using such a feature? Because that would be the best reason not to.


It does, and that’s a good point.


Yup… overwatch/reaction shots are in there and that pretty much invalidates the idea of Undo.

I think it’s just an information thing. Let me see what I can hit after I move before I move. :)

As noted by @geggis, you can often survive your mistakes. I do like that a lot.


Doesn’t Invisible Inc. have reaction shots though, and still allows turn rewinds? It’s been a while since I played it.