Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


Awesome. I love it!


What party is everyone using? I stick with Rabbid Peach because she can heal. I have been using Lugi over Rabbid Lugi just because a sniper is so handy. Just lost a desert escort stage though because I can’t bring down the charging guys quick enough. So going to try Rabbid Lugi instead.

I should be close to getting s new party member soon though.


I use rabbis Luigi and rabbids Mario mostly now. Rabbids Luigi beat out real Luigi halfway through world 3 just because his vampire dash is insane fully leveled it does 160 damage and gives your party 100% life steal on attacks on the targets. And then a fully upgraded rabbids Mario does 100 damage explosions for every dash target up to 3 targets. You just have to be cautious not to accidentally kill a teammate with rabbid Mario since everything he does is aoe

I’ve maxed their movement so I have these cosplaying ninja bunnies just laying waste to a battlefield.


I understand that it is impossible to make this happen, but please make this happen.


I really don’t like being able to upgrade the damage my team does, and I really wish the upgrades were only geared towards battlefield options.

So I beat world 1 and had 2 non-perfects by the time I beat the boss. It gave me the option to go back and redo them so I was like “great”. It gave me some warning that I will be limited in some way but I have no idea in what way I’m limited because I one shot everyone and beat the missions 4 rounds early without breaking a sweat.

I then went through the challenges and there’s an array of “easy” and “medium” challenges. The easy ones are relatively easy but still require some strategic thinking, the mediums feel fucking impossible at the moment. Because of the upgrade system I have no idea if the game is telling me medium means I should be able to do it but I"m not using good tactics, or if it’s telling me the challenge is meant for me to have better weapons.

I just wish ti wasn’t so gear based but that seems to be the direction it’s pushing me in. I still only use the first three team members because they are the only ones I’ve spent money upgrading so it doesn’t seem worth it to go back to my 20 damage Luigi.


I was able to do all the combat challenges after the chapter was completed, it was the “jump to this place” puzzles that required more talents/respeccing.


I finished World 1 last night. Loved that final boss battle! The bit with the bananas was hilarious, especially what happens to the rabbid who triggers the disappointment. Having a DK Rabbid scratch his ass with another rabbid is rather inspired. LOL!

I don’t think I’m as solid on my tactics as you guys as I’m not rolling through with perfects and golds on every fight. I’m definitely getting caught off guard by movement tricks that I don’t expect. Rabbids getting punted from high ledges right into the midst of my team have been a specific problem for me. That said, I’ve won every fight even if I had a man down. Do you ever get the ability to revive mid-fight?

World 2 is up next. I’ve been using Mario, Rabbid Peach and swapping between Rabbid Luigi or Luigi based on what I’m up against. I got some specific weapon upgrades for Luigi that affect the Smashers and those have been super helpful. Also, Mario being able to pop 20% extra damage can be really useful. I’m not sure I’d ever give up Rabbid Peach because healing seems so important, although if you continue to find mushrooms to restore health between fights, I could see where you go with big damage dealers instead and try to end fights quickly.

There’s so much character in this game. I’m laughing at the dumb stuff happening in the backgrounds often. Setting rabbids on fire never gets old, either! :D


Completed World 1 last night and wow, that final boss was bloody annoying at times. I’m trying for Perfects, mind. Only had one Good so far with a few battle restarts. I’m rolling Mario, Luigi and Rabbid Luigi at present. Boss spoilers ahead!

What was frustrating me was that there didn’t appear to be a pattern or trigger to his wave attack. I thought it was my team in the open, or revealing their head over half-height cover, or just every other turn, but it seems random because some turns he just didn’t do anything. To make matters worse, the only cover that’ll protect you against the waves are the full height blocks and they’re distant enough to stop you team jumping from one to another making movement without damage really tough. Add to this that he can chain those waves together after you take him out once, and from a different direction, and the waves can knock you backwards and off the platform for extra damage and you’ve got what I found to be a punishing difficulty spike, relatively speaking. That is, of course, until I discovered the side areas are totally safe, which to be honest felt like a tactical cop-out. Sentries are also really handy for triggering those banana pressure plates without taking the Thong of Kong 50HP whack.

Still, I couldn’t help but be won over by Kong wiping his butt with the rabbids (I was hoping he’d do it with Mario but unfortunately not), chewing on the 'nanas and getting grumpy when you take them away, and Rabbid Peach gleefully touching that tiny block after being urged not to by the Mario bros. (while Rabbid Luigi grins like a buffoon).

I’m not a huge fan of Mario or the rabbids, but I think they could be the best thing to happen to the Mushroom Kingdom since, well, probably Mario Kart.


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So when I beat that boss… I never stepped on the pressure plate with a character at all. I just used the weapons with the bounce attack and that catapulted the bad guys onto the plate. If they went out of bounds behind the DK Rabbid,
they ended up triggering the plate anyway! I never figured out that the sides were safe, but I did try to get behind the big blocks once I realized those were safe.


Yeah! I did notice a flaming rabbid run on to one of the pressure plates which had the same effect! I love seeing some of these effects and systems interact with each other, like bouncing an enemy in the air and Mario or Luigi popping them mid-flight. Very cool.

Dude, you need to see Rabbid Kong wiping his butt with a rabbid.


I got the butt wiping every time. :) Because the rabbid would land on the pressure plate, he picked them up and wiped. See my spoiler in the post up above. ^^


Ohhh! He does it to the enemies too! That’s awesome, hahah.

Edit: ah, yeah, I forgot your spoiler above!


Yeah, he whomped 'em good too. That knocked them right out of play. :)


This is a fair criticism but I’m pig-headed enough that I came to realise that it was just me not thinking about my actions enough! In fact, at least one of those world 1 challenges is easier to do if you’re using starting gear! I’ve been doing all the challenges after finishing the story in each world. I’m not sure if this is the intended way to do it but I like tying places up while the loose ends are still fresh in my mind.

Anyway, at this rate Mario + Rabbids is likely to be my game of the year. Splatoon 2 has been confidently pushed aside, which is high praise given how difficult it’s been to prise me off of it.

I’ve no particular fondness for Firaxis’ XCOM, Mario or the Rabbids but this inspired combination has just totally won me over. The environments are full of cute and funny details to look at, world 2 in particular is such a creative twist on the tired desert and ice world trope, just like Rayman Origins’ were. Even the music shifts depending on your surroundings, which is a lovely touch.

There’s little details with the characters themselves, like Rabbid Mario stamping on his cap when he’s set on fire or, my recent favourite, Rabbid Peach tripping up while running for cover. Rabbid Mario’s introduction was just wonderful too. These things add so much to what is already a game brimming with personality, charm and humour. It’s clear that the writers have had a lot of fun too, whether it’s Beep-O getting angry over Toad getting lost all the time (and having to be saved) or weapon names/descriptions being pun-tastic.

While the story and progress through each world is linear, I’ve found the mix of exploring, sightseeing, puzzling, fighting, upgrading and doling out story to be just right. The turn-based strategy is really tight too. I wasn’t wild about XCOM (the first one at least), but Ubisoft/Nintendo have taken it and simplified it in just the right places (so to-hit percentages are always 0%, 50% or 100% depending on cover and LOS) but made super effects and character abilities pop, adding some real flare and dynamism to the combat. This seems like the perfect gateway game into XCOM-like TBS. Steamworld Heist is right there next to it.

The challenges (and hidden chapters) are a really nice surprise too. While most of them are just tough skirmishes that require you to defeat all enemies, defeat X amount of enemies, reach certain areas or escort Toady, the turn limits really get you flexing your TBS muscle. I’ve found the fewer turns you have the more puzzle-y it is and some of the lessons you learn here transfer to other scenarios and situations well, particularly when you’ve done something stupid and got yourself cornered. The single turn challenges can be real head scratchers–Quantum Leap in world 1, I’m looking at you!

I’m on world 3 at present and looking forward to playing more. BWAH! I love this game. I know Zelda: Breath of the Wild is going to get all the gongs this year but for punch per pound, Mario + Rabbids beats it hands down for me. I don’t think I’ve gone a single play session where I’ve not grinned from ear to ear, giggled like a child or been surprised by something cool (and often unscripted) happening.


Yeah, I have realized since I wrote that that some of these just required specific actions to be taken to win correctly, not necessarily better gear. It took a lot of head slamming against the wall for me to figure some of them out though.


I had the same issue as you where I was like ‘Hang on, do I have sufficient gear for this?’ but I think Nintendo/Ubi have designed it so you can do any of them once they’re unlocked. The difficulty descriptors have been misleading for me though. Some easy ones have been tough, while hard ones I’ve breezed through. That could have been down to my character choices!