Mario Strikers Charged - Wii

Play with yer mates!

Looks like what I’ve been waiting for.

IGN review:

8.0 Presentation
The devil’s in the detail, as they say. Slick menus, tons of modes, typically Nintendo graphical and audio flourishes all making for one joyous package.
8.0 Graphics
Detailed stadiums and the gloriously animated cast look great - if not spectacular. Definitely a technological leap from the slightly wonky GameCube original though.
8.0 Sound
Brilliantly catchy tunes and plenty of them, with styles ranging from porn funk to pompus big band. Foot-tappingly grin-inducing, in other words.
8.5 Gameplay
Struturally similar to the 'Cube original but significant overhauls to previously lacking areas makes for a much deeper, more rounded game.
9.0 Lasting Appeal
Multiplayer is as manically addictive as ever, plus added modes and online play finally gives solo players reason to stick around.

8.7 total…

Haha, is that comment about Japanese eating dolphins supposed to be anti-wii, or what?

I bought this game on Friday and played quite a few games during the weekend. This game is really really good, and a must buy if you tolerate arcade sports games at all.

I think the greatest improvement (aside from online play) is the way how planning your team composition is such a large and interesting part of the game. Each captain and sidekick has a stat for running, passing, shooting and defense (i.e. tackling) and they are not just tiny differences. A fast character will run circles around a slow character, and an excellent shooter will strike the ball at twice the velocity compared to a poor shooter. In addition to the stats, each character has a unique defensive move that varies from a simple dodge to teleportation to an outright counter attack that will (if correctly timed) knock down the character who tried to tackle you. Each sidekick also has a unique special attack, most of which are automatic goals if the character is at the correct range for that move and is not interrupted.

The online portion has been both good and bad. The matchmaking server are currently under heavy load, so there are lots of problems when trying to connect and start a game. As soon as the actual game begins however, the net code has been remarkably good, with no visible lag.

The single player portion isn’t that worthwhile, but as a multi-player game (both off- and online) this might be the best Wii game so far.

BTW. If there are any other Euro folks here who have the game, my friend code is 506906 829245.

A bit tangentially, and this probably deserves its own thread: Striker saves your online profile to a Mii of your choice and different Miis have their own friend codes. The awesome news is that one of the Strikers devs was quoted saying that the online profile would be shared with future online games, meaning that the friend code stays the same (and with luck, the Mii’s friend list is shared between online games).

I am cautiously optimistic that the reason why Nintendo won’t allow third-party online games is to implement permanent friend codes/friends list.

Okay so I plan to pick it up tonight. Then I will have about two weeks to think about opening and playing it now or including it as a birthday present as originally planned, or doing the chickenshit thing and try both hoping that my kid doesn’t notice the missing shrink wrap.

The only thing I think will possibly suck is the inability to communicate through the game itself. Guess I should be grateful to have free long-distance but I don’t yet own a headset for my phone.

Has anyone gotten their hands on this yet? I’m hoping to pick it up today.

It’s out in europe for some time. It’s a good arcade-soccer game, and the online is implemented well. Great if you can play it with other people - both online and offline, but a bit mediocre as a single player game.

It has different cup modes (each with different difficulty settings) and “challenges” where you get thrown in a situation and you have a fixed time to complete a target (for example: score 2 goals, win with 3 points difference, win without using special moves etc).

This game sounds like Ice Hockey 2007. If I choose Bowser and DK as my support squad, is that essentially the same as selecting the fat guys from the NES game?

Looking forward to this, it’s funny how Mario branding can actually get me enthralled to buy a sports game. Now gimme Mario Golf Wii!

You can only have one captain (Mario, Luigi, Waluigi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Daisy, etc). with three support characters (Boo, the turtleguys, the mole, etc.).

Each main character (team captain) has a special move and playing style, and each support character also has it’s unique ability. So you can compensate a slow captain by putting a faster attack character in the front.

You might try the fourth post in this thread:

Well, in my defense, I was busily thinking about how it should be on shelves today in the States. Like most Americans, I spend most of my time pretending the rest of the world doesn’t exist. After that, apparently, I was pretending the rest of this thread didn’t exist.

I suck, clearly.

Is this game out in the USA yet?

Yes, I think it should be in stores by now. A shipment was supposed to arrive at my local store yesterday, and then they told me it should show up today.

I just picked it up from the store this afternoon.

Has anybody picked it up yet?

(just kidding… don’t hurt me!)

Neat game, though I’ve only just played through the tutorials and a single exhibition last night.

Already I am sick of the super kick animations that seem unskippable. It’s almost gotten to the point that I avoid having my team leader shoot just to keep the pace moving along. Shame that this is ultimately the most viable scoring tactic, but it seems it can be turned off at least(which may dull the intensity of the game?) Probably less irritating in multiplayer too because of the blocking minigame, but against the AI, do we need to watch the cutscenes?.

Not sure how earning items works exactly. Seems kinda random, like an invisible gauge slowly fills based on how much of a jerk you are on the field(hitting opponents without the ball). It’s all really random feeling, but maybe that’s the point.

It plays really well though, and reminds me of Sega Soccer Slam, or Ice Hockey more than traditional soccer. I love the sidekicks and how stat differences are severely noticeable on field.

I think you always get an item if you tackle someone who doesn’t have the ball, except that there is a short grace period if he just had the ball a few seconds ago.

You also get items by making charged (regular) shots at the opponent’s goal.

EDIT: and of course, if you are already carrying two items already, they won’t get replaced till you use them.