Mario Strikers Charged - Wii

Yea, the tutorial mentioned that, but in practice it didn’t seem to work as such. Wiating for the blue halo on charged shots with empty item slots didn’t register, and sometimes it took several tackle attempts on non-ball carrying opponents to give up the banana peels. Given time I’ll get the feel of it I’m sure.

It is all this random chaotic chain chomp action that keeps me engaged with the Mario sports line of games. Maybe if EA brought back the Mutant League sports games I’d consider buying something from them.

And again…Mario Golf Wii PLEASE!

Arg, I got confused somehow. It’s of course the other way around, if you get tackled, you get items, not when you perform the tackles yourself.

Shooting at the goal is more random, and seems to depend at least somewhat on the shooting skill of the character that makes the shot. In my experience skilled shooters almost always get an item if they charge the shot a bit. The ones with the lowest skill don’t always get an item even if the ball is charged to the maximum (white).

I’ve played a bit of this, and I have to be honest…I’m not very good at it. There just seems to be a lot of insanity going on at any particular time. I forget to use the power ups half the time. The computer does things that I’m not really sure how to do, and I’m all “How the $%&^% did he just do that?!” Against the faster teams, it’s…it seems very frantic. I’m sure once I’ve played it longer, my ability to recognize what’s going on will get better, but for the time being it’s a bit overwhelming.

Have I mentioned that I suck? I do. I make practically all of my goals via megastrikes because I don’t seem to get them any other way. I know this is going to be a problem once I start playing against humans.

The game is pretty fun, I just really suck at it. Also, it seems like yet another Wii game where you need someone to play with. At least, from all reports the online play is pretty good. I’ve just moved, and my cable won’t be set up 'til Saturday (barring catastrophe), so I’ll report back then.

I enjoy this but also find it difficult. My brain just doesn’t seem to be wired to keep track of everything at the same time – when to deke, when to pass, when to go for a straight goal attempt, when to use a special power, when to go for a megastrike. I always seem to be one step behind the action (at least).

Megastrikes are useless for me so far because I haven’t been able to time them into the orange (or even, usually, into the green) and the person I play against is good enough that he always nails 100% of the slower megastrike balls as a goalie. I’ve had more success with big bruiser type guys (DK, Bowser) just making goal attempts as often as possible. Sometimes they go through and if they don’t at least you get a power thingy.

We played the holy hell out of this game at Cathcart’s on Saturday and it’s an absolute blast. Four player co-op against the computer had us cursing Monty Mole and Daisy all night long.

I can’t wait to pick it up now because as much as I loved the first Super Mario Strikers, Charged is an even better game.

I’m getting better at it, but I still haven’t been able to win the second cup. Switching from Wario to Yoshi helped dramatically. I don’t think I was skilled enough to handle how slow Wario is. I’m also getting better at scoring without megastrikes, but still, holy hell does the computer kick my ass. I’m not this bad at video games, am I?

I’ve Gamefly’ed this game and will have it for two weeks before I head back to school. I’d like to play with some Qt3’ers. It’s great fun.

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I picked this up today and so far have had a decent time with it.

Anybody playing online? My friend code is 463964 445368.

My Wii is on its way toward my law school but I will definitely bug you next week about playing once I am settled in.