Mario Theme Played On Bass Guitar

This is pretty damn neat, so I thought I’d share.

I guess this is the appropriate forum?

Check out the crazy bass he was using:

That’s a lot of strings.

You know, once you’ve hit ten strings I think the definition of “bass” is no longer applicable. On the other hand: Check out the Pac Man knobs!

He’s only got 9.

It doesn’t go to 11? :(

Edit after watching the video: I think the kid who did Mario Music on a piano did a better job. The sound quality of this was pretty crappy.

I wondered about that m’self – I guess it must still be considered a bass guitar 'cause of the fret spacings, or something. Otherwise, why not call my piano an 88-string bass that I play with a keyboard? :)

He’s only got 9.[/quote]

Oh. Well, that’s ok then.

I’m no guitarist, but that seems like an incredibly difficult thing to play. Impressive.

Because the bottom four strings are likely the same notes when played open as the four strings of a standard bass guitar. The extra strings just make it possible to play higher notes (entering into the range of a regular guitar).

For musical instruments in a completely different direction, check out what the Presidents of the United States of America used to play with… I think their bass guitar only had 2 or 3 strings.

Their bassist played with two strings and the guitarist had three.

Whichever one of the Reid brothers that played bass in the early incarnation of The Jesus & Mary Chain only used two strings. When asked why, he said: “More strings confuse me.”

The late singer/bass player of Morphine had a strange set up as well: two strings tuned to the same note (D, I think) which he then played with a slide. Utterly unique sound.