Mario. With Style

It’s 100megs of pure, unadulturated Super Mario Brothers skill. The technique here will blow your mind. Guaranteed.

I was torn between watching with my mouth agape and laughing my ass off. Prepare to be mesmerized.

It is pretty damn wild. I watched this last week and was amazed. Even more amazing is the guy who beats the last level of Ikaruga without taking a single hit. He misses two enemies the whole way through from what I could see. Brilliant.

Apparently Famitsu is releasing these movies. They had some contest and submissions from gamers. There’s another where a guy plays through the entirety of Resident Evil by using the knife…he hits the knife button the entire way through the game…in other words, he never walks forward/backward…just hits X. :shock:


Links please.

Ok, I’m confused, since I don’t remember being able to jump off the middle of walls while falling being part of the game.

I wasn’t a big Super Mario player… I thought the “walking between the Koopa” trick was neat though.

I dunno, it looked like to me as if he had some sort of god-mode cheat on. In world 8-4 he swims right through those rotating fire gates and doesn’t die. As an example of expert timing, it’s pretty impressive, but I think this guy messsaged it with a gameshark or something.

There was a thread on the GA forums about these movies and someone investigated all the things he does. They’re legitimate bugs in the program that he/she is exploiting was the genuine conclusion. Some folks confirmed being able to do them.

When you watch the movie, at the end you can see it’s being played through emulation. So there is a possibility that these things may not be genuine, but supposedly Famitsu confirmed all these submissions as “real” so I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s someone who knows a lot of tricks.

I’ll see if I can find the thread at GA where this was all discussed.


I really don’t know what’s worse, someone playing RE without walking or the fact that someone actually wants to watch it.

I mean, I’d watch it. Just sayin’, is all.

No, the backwards swimming was an actual bug in the game - I remember a friend and I trying to duplicate it after reading about it on some tip sheet (but not having much sucess)
It’s also pretty funny to see the collision bugs when you clip a wall at 45°… at least the programmers were struggling with the same stuff I was back then :)

I thought console games never had any bugs, particularly those from Nintendo?

They don’t have crash bugs, that’s for sure. Things like this really aren’t bugs per se, they’re unintended actions created by the way someone exploits the timer/game code. Things like this are usually regarded as cheats or skills, not bugs. It’s like rocket jumping in Quake…who knew?


I wouldn’t say that. I’ve had both Super Mario Sunshine and Rogue Leader crash on me. I don’t remember any of the old cartridge game crashing on me, though.

The swimming thing was accomplished by the “duck and swim” bug. Apparently your hitbox is MUCH smaller when you duck. If you go to the bottom, duck, then start swimming while holding the duck button continously down, you’ll swim with the low hitbox, but since there’s no sprite for “duck swimming,” you’ll look like you’re still big.

This guy was just exploiting all the known bugs in the game. A lot. With a lot of skill. And if they’re bugs that anyone who picks up a controller can exploit, isn’t it just part of the game, at that point?

Turtles that walk through the ground are a bug. Walking on the top of the screen is a bug. Moving backward through fire without taking damage is a bug. Jumping off walls because you hit it at a 45 degree angle is a bug.

Most “bugs,” aside from crash ones, can be classified as exploits or cheats if you want to stretch the definition. If the AI gets hung up on a wall in a shooter, or if it never reacts to your presence even though it should, that’s now a cheat or exploit and not a bug?

C’mon, man, just because it’s a console game doesn’t mean it should get a free ride. Where’s the righteous indignation against Nintendo! They released a game FULL OF BUGS! Aaaggghhh! It’s AWFUL!!! TEHY TEH SUXX0RZZZ!!!

Walking on the top of the screen is a bug

Actually, I don’t think it is. That warp area was put there on purpose, and the only way in was to walk on the top of the screen (much like the 1st castle in SMB3)
It may have been a development tool that was left in, but it’s not a bug

I really don’t know what’s worse, someone playing RE without walking or the fact that someone actually wants to watch it.

I mean, I’d watch it. Just sayin’, is all.[/quote]

Worst of all, someone who wants to write about it in their weblog.

[quote="asspenniesAnd if they’re bugs that anyone who picks up a controller can exploit, isn’t it just part of the game, at that point?[/quote]

Only if the game remains “playable” after you discover them…

…well, that’s the case here. The NES doesn’t go wacko or anything. They’re exploitable cheats in the game. Running along the top of the screen was always a hidden secret in Super Mario Bros. too. You have to do it to get to the Warp Zones. These are exactly like Rocket Jumping in Quake. No one knew you could reach many of the places people would get to via that technique before the game was out for some time.


Hmm, now we’re just being apologists here. Almost all exploits, unless they’re cheat codes, are bugs. I somehow doubt they intended for it to be played that way; maybe the wall jumping was intentional, but the little turtle things walking trough the floor probably wasn’t. And later, he used one of those to cross a gap he wouldn’t of been able to cross without the bug. But that’s an “exploitable cheat?” Well, I guess. It’s also a bug. A pretty bad one too. (Wouldn’t a cheat have to be intentionally added to the program? If you do something that causes behavior in the game that the program didn’t intend, it’s either emergent behavior or a bug.)

Labeling these things “cheats and exploits” alone opens us up for lots of fun. A completely non-reactive AI is an “exploitable cheat” because it doesn’t make the game go wacky (anyone remember the original release of Blood 2?). It just makes a game, well, no longer fun or anything, but it’s not a bug (despite it being fixed in a patch). How about the old bug in Civilization where units would camp in your city area and screw up your resource gathering? That was an exploit and not a bug? Or how in some third-person games, you could swing the camera around and occasionally clip into the next room. That’s an exploit, not a bug.

(I’m actually surprised some of those things in the video didn’t cause the game to crash.)

Anyway, it’s silly to think console games have no bugs. Clearly they did, and probably do. Labeling them “Cheats and Exploits”, c’mon…

A lot of those exploits were things that my friends and I were able to do with the game regularly, but some I have to wonder about. He’s obviously using nesticle to emulate it, and nesticle does allow a broad range of cheats. My favorite, not shown in this vid, was the unlimited 1ups exploit. In a few areas where there were turtles or beetles coming down steps, you could set them up in such a way that you could bounce off the shell, sending them to the step, and by th etime it bounced off and came back, you’d land on it, sending it back at the step. put control down and watch the points go 100-200-500-800-1000-2000-5000-1up-1up-1up.

The game crashed if you got too many guys, presumably 255, but it was hard to tell because anything past 20 and you got some whack symbols for your life reserves.

That unlimited 1 ups thing isn’t a cheat; I did it on my cart version as a kid.

Yup. That’s a very well known way to get 99 lives IIRC.