Mark Ecko calls gamers (reviewers) pissy

A game about scribbling on walls? Maybe that’s why sales are poor?

He’s defensive about his game not selling well and apparently it’s game reviewer’s fault - and those that got a lot of wedgies in high school.

I’d expect there’s a lot of gamer’s like myself who look at the box/ads and see “graffiti game”, and say - I don’t want that kind of game - no matter how good reviews are.

Granted - we are pretty pissy… but he’s kinda dumb if he thinks that’s the reason his game isn’t selling well. Not to mention it has ATARI stamped on the front —> if he’s a real gamer, he should know that’s like having a piece of poop stuck to it.

If this means you never tried Jet Grind Radio then you’re really missing out.

As for this whole “Mark Ecko” thing, yeah, he sounds a bit full of it.

Was that on pc? I don’t have a console.

I’m sure Mark wants some free publicity to help garner interest… but I’m not sure insulting his potential customers is the way to go. And comparing “selling games” to “selling clothes” is just retarded.

I was wavering on the side of buying a copy, but Ecko’s attitude combined with that cartoon have convinced me not to.

Was that on pc? I don’t have a console.

Initially for Dreamcast, I think. Great look (cel shading and whatnot) but the gameplay didn’t quite grab me. It was however an extremely well respected game when it came out. Heck, Old Man Murray used it as a contrast to the “gloomy sewer” school of videogame art direction in the “Rune” review.

Tycho is a whiny bitch.

Could it also be that the controls were not responsive, the game was repetive besides the story. Also the camera got in the way for me, especially during the painting sessions, when it blocks what your spraying directily in from of Traine

Come on guys. Are you saying that anybody who designs such fine clothing such as this does not have a valid opinion on videogame journalism?

Not only that but his writing is getting more embarrassing by the week.

Yeah, but only the first 50,000 buyers will get the poop, so be sure to look for the sticker or the poop won’t be in the box.


I thought that Ecko made some good points in that interview, but yeah, he does come off as a bit grumpy about the reception. He at least sounds like he knows more about gaming than lending his name to a game.

But not enough to know that, as mentioned, somebody made a sweeter grafitti game with a flashier visual style and better music six years ago.

Yesterday’s “Metro” (Commuter-targeted free paper) had part 2 of a 2-part interview with Marc Ecko. First exchange:

“Do you feel the fact that you are a newcomer to videogames has been a factor in how you and this game have been received by people in the industry?”
“They love laying in to me. They’re scared that she went to the prom and she lost her virginity and she might leave the house. That’s what they’re afraid of.”

OK, tha’s all urban and edgy… but what does it mean???

The interview was accompanied by an actual game review in a small sidebar. I think the review (by Robert Summa) is a brilliant example of someone being pressured by their editor, and managing to keep his self-respect. I can only presume that, with this much space devoted to an unimportant-looking game, the Metro is getting PR money from Ecko, and the editor told him to write a “positive review”. What he did was use classic marketing weasel words, that his editor would parse as positive – and also words that actual gamers would clearly understand. The last paragraph is a perfect example:

“If you’re still sketchy about the game, I fully recommend you rent it before you buy and see just how innovative the videogame industry can be.”

Beautiful, just beautiful.

If he really knew the industry, then he’d know that there is no surer way to get gamers all pissy than to act like an ION-era John Romero. I mean, what the hell does he expect? Hordes of gamers falling to their knees and thanking him for saving their frail, virgin hobby with his shitty grafitti game? The game industry is no different than any other–you don’t get to talk the talk until you demonstrate that you can walk the walk. And you can always pick out the people that best walk the walk by the fact that they don’t need to talk the talk.

I think everyone needs to refer to this game as “Fashion’s Bad Boy Mark Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure: They’re scared that she went to the prom and she lost her virginity and she might leave the house: The Game.”

Well, the Metro group of newspapers are the most successful in the world - I’m pretty sure, they don’t take PR money. I’m kinda tired of the notion that everytime we see bad journalism, it means someone is on the take.
A more likely scenario is that a good PR schill sold the editor on how an exclusive with this huge persona would really draw in the young readers, so to get it, he’d have to be interested in devoting some space to a subject he probably knows nothing about. And reviews in mainstream papers have an even greater tendency to be nice - sometimes tearing a game a new one simply isn’t the papers style… and of course devoting 3 pages to a crappy game looks stupid, so there might be some pressure - but no payola. Plain incompetense explains a lot.

So this Mark Echo guy is just some clothes horse? That explains a lot. It doesn’t explain why anyone in the gaming press cares what he has to say, but it does explain why he totally doesn’t ‘get’ gamers.

We should all go forth upon the internet and refer to this as Fashion Bad Boy Mark Echo’s Getting Up. And most of the time we use that phrase, it should be followed by the word “sucks.”

I haven’t played the game, but I do have some Marc Ecko pants…I got them at the Goodwill last weekend for, like, fifty cents. They’re just khaki cargo pants, nothing special. I give them a 4 out of 5.