Mark of the Ninja

Man, I love hard stealth games. I ghosted my way through the first level with no kills and no detection, and it was a gleefully brilliant challenge. I must have reloaded about 250 times.

Yeah, I see where you’re coming from. And I agree, to a certain extent. But to me, these stealth games are all about the intellectual challenge of solving a very deliberately designed problem. The game might give you leeway to experiment within certain boundaries, but I don’t think that alone disqualifies it from being a ‘puzzle’ – it just means it’s not as rigid as other games in the genre. If that makes sense.

Besides, a good stealth game knows how to coat that very basic premise in meta challenges, and really tap into the perfectionist in you. Enter Mark of the Ninja. To me there are a lot of parallels at least, but I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder and all that. Video game genres have a tendency to melt into each other, I guess.

I’m not very far yet, but glad you guys brought this up. I read that PA Report and then promptly forgot about this. Thanks for the recommendation.


I just unlocked the first of what I thought were just costumes, but it looks like they all actually come with cool tradeoffs in abilities to enhance different play styles. Pretty excited to retry previous missions with a new approach.

Started this up last night and I love it. Finished the first demo level without being caught and earning all 9 “bonuses”(seal challenges, collectibles, and score) on my first attempt.

Paid the full price then and there for the full game and look forward to doing the same through the rest of the game. I never cared for Shank(Admittedly only having played the demo for both games), but this is a better utilization of the developer talents. Mark of the Ninja could end up being one of the best stealth experiences since Thief.

Just had another great experience…

I knocked down a chandelier to get a guard’s attention. Hung down from the chandelier mount and stealth killed him, leaving his body hanging from the ceiling. Made some noise to attract another guard. When the guard saw the corpse hanging from the ceiling, he got scared and killed all the other guards in the room.


All the suits seem like they’d be a lot of fun to play with except maybe the Path of Might. The trade off just seems really high on that one, I can’t imagine giving up the ability to pause the game to aim etc. I’ll need to try it to see how big the gains are though, as I still haven’t used that or the Path of Terror. Silence and Hunter both are awesome and worth the tradeoffs for their respective styles of play.

This won’t come to PC/Steam for years because it’s MS published like Fez and Castle Crashers eh?

It’s definitely coming to the PC, but no idea how long the wait is going to be.

Just finished. The last level and half were filled with a bunch of dickish video game mainstays, but man what a tremendous ending.

Any publication that doesn’t have this in it’s top 10 best list for this year is highly suspect.

October 16th and no GFWL.

I will buy it full price if the port is as good as claimed to set an example.

Fez people better get their shit together like soon.

According to the game’s blog, it’s scheduled to hit Steam on October 16. Much sooner than expected!

EDIT: Ninja’d…

EDIT: Ninja’d…

intruder’s post was 6 hours before yours.

You don’t happen to have a night job working security and counter-intel ops in a two dimensional videogame, do you?

I died like two days ago.

This is up on steam now:

How are the PC controls for this game? I am mainly interested in mouse and keyboard (though my kids would probably use one of their Xbox controllers if it allows it).

I’m using a 360 controller myself in Steam.


My daughter loves stealth games so maybe I will surprise her with it on the computer.

Any impression of the PC port would be appreciated. The game is $8 during autumn sale in Steam.