Mark or Tom: Anymore QT3 shirts left?

I pm’d someone about this a few weeks ago, but haven’t gotten an answer. What is the story with QT3 shirts? Can I still get one? I want an XXL because I plan on getting fat. No really. I want to appear at the next E3 and pose as Brian Kuntz, Cleve Blakemore, and maybe even Murph. Since nobody knows waht those guys look like, I figure I just need a shirt and my imagination to make an impression.

No really, I am kidding about everthing in this message but wanting an XXL QT3 shirt in black. Where do I send the money?

There are two left. We can order more. We can order them singly even, though as you might expect, it’s a bit of a pain to do it that way. I need to talk to Tom and then I’ll get back to you.


Rar I pm’d as well, but Asher said he would get back to me…:X

I want a shirt, too, but I don’t have any money for it. Maybe you guys can give it out as a preorder bonus for Quarter To Three: The Game.

Makes three of us. :)


I thought this was QT3: The Game?

HAHAHAHA!!! n00b!!

Makes three of us. :)[/quote]

Heh. Well, at least now we know why none of us are getting any rhythm on the last TWO shirts.

I think we should provide reasonable arguments for who should get the shirts. Last time I checked, I have the most posts so clearly I should get one of them. Also, I am probably far older than you other guys, so that’s another reason I should get mine. :)

Don’t make me start a poll. :)

Print the QT3 logo out on the color laser printer at work, then just tape it over the breast pocket on a (reasonably clean) T-shirt. Presto! You’ve got a poor man’s QT3 shirt.

Come on folks. Let’s use our imaginations here.

Actually Tim, I think the fact that you’re older disqualifies you from the shirt as Myself and Asjunk will be alive longer to use it then you (statistically speaking that is).


Of course, Tim dissed me entirely when putting together his poll (bastard!) Perhaps he was just having a “senior moment.”


Actually to be fair to Tim, he didn’t put together the Poll. Ben Sones is the one that slighted your name.


HAHAHAHA!!! n00b!![/quote]

So Tyjenks isn’t the end boss? With his Mini-boss Jason McCullough?



Tim, accept my apology.

Sones, I’m coming for you… :twisted:

I never got my shirt at all. Waaah.

I wanted a green one, but by the time I asked Mark was our of it in my size.

Mark, if you folks order more, get me an XL green, would you?