Mars Tactics Demo

Hooded Horse has been releasing demos of a lot of their upcoming games.

I will try out the demo and report back. Here is the trailer:

Does it have melee weapons? Guess they couldn’t name it Red Faction Tactics…

Looks cool. I will play as Labor and fight Capital. I will rename the top Capital person Elon Musk and hunt him down!

Free aim? I like it.

Oh! This looks pretty good!

Seems like every time I turn around Hooded Horse is the publisher for yet another game I find interesting enough to wishlist and keep an eye on.

This looks fucking great!

Hey, future me reading this post - remember you watched the trailer and thought it looked awesome, and that’s why it’s on your wishlist, you fucking idiot.

Thumbs up.

Looks cool. Ill definitely give the demo a go.

Played the demo for a bit. It does say pre-alpha so I won’t complain. OTOH it looks like a game that I will enjoy. Very much so, when I can figure out the controls. Sometimes I want to move after I shoot, and although I click on move and get the grid, I end up shooting at nothing.

Demo is not downloading for me. Never mind, working now.

I was starting to get a hang of how combat worked and then the game started to hang on enemy turn and I couldn’t control my guys. Very definitely pre-alpha but I’m looking forward to seeing how it is once it releases.

Why on Mars?