Mars Tactics Demo

Hooded Horse has been releasing demos of a lot of their upcoming games.

I will try out the demo and report back. Here is the trailer:

Does it have melee weapons? Guess they couldn’t name it Red Faction Tactics…

Looks cool. I will play as Labor and fight Capital. I will rename the top Capital person Elon Musk and hunt him down!

Free aim? I like it.

Oh! This looks pretty good!

Seems like every time I turn around Hooded Horse is the publisher for yet another game I find interesting enough to wishlist and keep an eye on.

This looks fucking great!

Hey, future me reading this post - remember you watched the trailer and thought it looked awesome, and that’s why it’s on your wishlist, you fucking idiot.

Thumbs up.

Looks cool. Ill definitely give the demo a go.

Played the demo for a bit. It does say pre-alpha so I won’t complain. OTOH it looks like a game that I will enjoy. Very much so, when I can figure out the controls. Sometimes I want to move after I shoot, and although I click on move and get the grid, I end up shooting at nothing.

Demo is not downloading for me. Never mind, working now.

I was starting to get a hang of how combat worked and then the game started to hang on enemy turn and I couldn’t control my guys. Very definitely pre-alpha but I’m looking forward to seeing how it is once it releases.

Why on Mars?

Mars has at this point an established history of basically standing in for West Virginia dating back at least to 1981’s Outland.

The demo’s been re-activated as part of TactiCon 2023, if anyone is interested in taking it for another spin. It’s changed a lot since the September build, and the developer is hoping to have even more new features ready over the next day or so (subject to balancing/build stability).

Really good trailer of the game here, it intrigued me. It seems to have a good strategy and tactical layer, and the idea of having two sides to play is cool