Marvel 616 on Disney+

There’s a new documentary series on Disney+ called Marvel 616, which explores the various ways that Marvel has influenced society at large.

The first episode was on Japanese Spider-Man, and it was actually really moving! I know people have this reaction to a really campy show from the ’70s that has almost no relation to the original Spider-Man character, but it’s really interesting to see the origins and how it affected the people involved. I don’t know how the rest of the series is, but the first episode is definitely worth watching.

So isn’t the 616 some reference to the Marvel multiverse concept? I don’t read comics, but think I remember that being ‘our’ world?

Yes. That’s my memory as well. Our universe, the one without superheroes except for in comic books, tv shows and movies, is Earth-616.

No, 616 is the primary universe where Marvel continuity takes place. ‘Our’ Earth where super heroes are in comic books is Earth 1218.

Watched the first 20 minutes or so of the first episode (“Japanese Spider-Man”). It’s pretty good, but I’m not that interested in Japanese Spider-Man.

I think the idea is that the episode would make you interested in Japanese Spider-Man…or at least understand why and how it came to be.

Ah. Cool. Thanks for the refresher. It’s been awhile.

Thanks for bringing this show to my attention Andy. I never even saw it on Disney+, the 616 cover logo is so unassuming, I never would have expected anything interesting from it.

I watched the Japanese Spider-man episode last night. I was enthralled by it and couldn’t look away.

I think my favorite moments were the two lead actors from the show reminiscing about their parts. But my favorite laugh out loud moment was when the American creator of the show was explaining that the main villain’s name doesn’t sound as ridiculous in Japanese as when you translate it. (Professor Monster).

I don’t know if they can top this Japanese Spider-Man story though. I wonder what the other episodes are about?

I’ve watched the first 2 episodes, about Japanese Spider-Man and the history of female creators at Marvel. Very different, but both were very good.

I personally found the episode about women at Marvel quite moving. Toward the end, it focuses on Kelly Sue DeConnick’s work on Captain Marvel and the creation of the new Ms. Marvel, which are both comics that I love dearly.

Fun fact: that episode was directed by Gillian Jacobs, who played Britta on Community.