Marvel Heroes

#1 has a bit of a preview of Marvel Heroes. It says, among other things:

Marvel Heroes is based on Diablo-style action loot-fest gameplay with significant MMO and RPG elements. In the game, you'll play as Marvel characters themselves, customizing them with different costumes, equipment, and powers, clicking mouse buttons furiously in combat, looting like crazy, and joining with friends to take on quest objectives and dungeons.

I dunno. There's a lot of click-fests out there already. Putting Wolverine on the screen doesn't seem like enough of a differentiator.


I thought the various Marvel ARPGs (X-men Legends, Ultimate Alliance) worked well enough, and this sounds like the same thing, but F2P. Seems reasonable. I think flavor counts for a lot in this genre, so as long as they keep each character cool looking, it doesn't sound like a bad idea.


I thought it looked really well done and could very easily be a big hit.


This could be a lot of fun--thanks for bringing it to my attention.


It sounds like it could be fun. I love that it's going to be free to play.


As long as I can play ironman I'll be there day one.


The ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing, assuming he's available, will be my #1 pick.


Looks like we're both in luck.

A list of playable heroes for those interested.


There are a few VERY odd choices on that list. While all of them have their fans, to include, say, Ka-Zar instead of the rest of the FF or many prominent X-Men and Avengers is bizarre.





Think Tarzan + dinosaurs + Antarctica and you'll have a good understanding of Ka-Zar and also see why he's not very popular. My brother LOVED him, however, so I know quite a bit more about K than I would have otherwise.


Squirrel Girl? At last!


I wasn't tempted by this until I saw that. She may be OP for this though, since she defeated Dr. Doom in her first appearance.


This alone may get me to play this game.


I may just have to play squirrel girl after reading a bit about her. She's just so ridiculous it's amusing.


ARISE!!! I didn't see another thread for this. So Early Access for this has kicked off, including the normal MMO-launch issues (22 hours for a 4 hour patch window? Check. Ultimate Founder Pack owners not able to get in for the first day of Early Access? Check. A number of account issues, such as people not getting their heroes, etc.? Check.) Other than and in spite of that, this is a really fun ride so far.

I had a much longer post which I just lost clicking the wrong button. Anyone else playing it?


If you follow Kripparian, he was not all that impressed with his time in it. I might give it a look though, I'm a sucker for superheroes.

I had a much longer post which I just lost clicking the wrong button.

If you use chrome you should check out [URL=""]Lazarus Form Recovery for Google Chrome, it is awesome and has saved many of my posts from accidental refreshes.


I briefly played the open beta and in the admittedly short time I spent with it, found it to be a poor to mediocre Diablo-like. Dull environments, loot and skill trees. Though picking up cars with the Hulk was amusing for a while.

I also found the use of the Marvel license adds a really weird sense of disconnect with the game world. You spawn into an area and see a dozen identical Spidermen, six Thors and five Wolverines. I just found it odd in a way I've never experienced in games with generic barbarians and sorcerers like Diablo.


I played the open beta a fair amount. I liked the environments and most of the opponents; nothing stunning but ok. Loot is very dull after the first little while with each character. Skill trees were ok up until level 15 or so. After that I didn't find any new abilities that changed how I played.

I've got to second NuclearWinter on the oddity of seeing three Thors and 5 Deadpools all beating up on Rhino. Also the longer I played the more it bugged me that everyone from Daredevil to Thor were fighting the same enemies. I know the comics include crossovers and part of the fun is seeing the weaker powered heroes be effective (or not) versus more powerful foes that they normally wouldn't face but somehow that part didn't work for me in game.



My favorite thing about kripp is how he is always surprised that he gets temporary bans for exploiting.