Marvel Heroes


IIRC Scarlet Witch costs 200 splinters, which is only slightly more than the cost of a random hero box. I wouldn’t use the pick on a 200-splinter hero.

edit Misread Reemul’s post, but my recommendation stands. Check the cost of the hero before you make your choice.


So I am thinking about either Vision, Iceman or She-Hulk for my free character (I have all the 600 splinter ones) - which would you guys suggest?


The dang 2 year anniversary pulled me back in to the game. On a lark I started playing She-Hulk. For some reason her play style clicked with me and I shot her up to 60 over the last few days. Started playing The Thing last night and, so far, he’s been a lot of fun too. The “Clobbering Time” mechanic is a bit clunky though.

The new team-up mechanics make leveling things so much easier. When leveling She-Hulk, I used Clea and ended up with her at level 46 when I maxed out. Assigned her to The Thing and basically became immortal until 30th level thanks to her defensive skills.


I don’t have She-Hulk, but between Vision and Iceman I’d say Vision all the way.


The good thing about Iceman is that he has two ways to build him that everybody seems to be happy with for endgame use - ranged or summons. And they’re obviously pretty different from each other.

I really want to level my She-Hulk (and Punisher) but I haven’t got there yet. I’ve Doom to finish off first and I should really do those last 30 levels on Thing now that he’s reviewed.

Edit: By the way, the patch (bug fixes, ability to use the free hero unlock, cake slices start dropping) is due out at 12pm pacific time today, so much later than normal. 8pm UK time.


I see some of you talking about a “free character.” What is that? I logged in last night, and checked the website, but I did not see any promotion or method of getting a free character.


When you logged into the game yesterday you will have had an “2nd Anniversary week 2 giftbox” in your inventory (I might have the name slightly wrong). The tooltip on it says that you can’t open it yet. After today’s patch, you should be able to open that, and it will give you something that can be redeemed ingame for any character older than the newest (Doom).

If your inventory is/was full, it will be in the “you have items to retrieve” notification under the map on the right, where you get the shield delivery manifests from.


You should have a “2nd Anniversary Present” in your inventory when you log in. But it has a note on it that says it hasn’t been unlocked yet. Once it’s unlocked (with today’s patch, in theory), it will have a token inside that can be redeemed for the purchase of any hero (pre-Doom).

I’m curious what happens if you already own all the heroes. I still have several I don’t have, but my wife has every single one already. I assume it just becomes another ultimate upgrade token.


Ok, thanks (to JFrazer as well, who also kindly answered). I saw that yesterday, and wondered what it was.

That actually brings up a separate question as to what those Shield delivery manifests are. They seem strange - I get the actual gift, and then some token (in the separate “items to retrieve” box) that just appears to tell me I got the gift. But the token is an actual separate thing that goes into my inventory. Is there a point to the token? Do I just sell it for the 1,000 credits, or does it do something?


If you’re new to the game, donate the manifests to level the crafter (or if he’s done, the next most important vendor) if you’re done levelling vendors or desperate for credits, just sell them yeah. There’s no other purpose to them.


The hero token isn’t going to expire, right? So unless there’s someone you really want to play, the optimal move is to save it until you have your roster filled out a bit to avoid getting dupes from random boxes, yes?


Dunno. The instructions refer to turning it in at some anniversary vendor dude or something, but I don’t know if that means you can only redeem it during this event or not.


Final patch notes are up, as is the patch for download. I would have thought the anniversary vendor (where you redeem the free hero token) is almost certainly going to be ingame for the rest of June, at least. Other than that, I’m sure one of us will post here at the first sign of a confirmed removal date… probably. :)


If I didn’t login yesterday, will I still get the hero token if I login today?


Yep notes say login before 15th June to get free hero


According to Ryolnir in the official forum it will be available for all June.


I used my token for Iron Man, who is a 600 shard hero. He’s also a killer ranged dps guy it seems, though early on he’s more like Tin Man than Iron Man in terms of squishiness. I want to get another team up though, as all I have right now is Groot. Who is fine, but, well, he’s like a big tree dude.


Thinking of grabbing Ghost Rider as my free hero. He’s the last 600 splinter hero on the board for me. I hear he’s good again after his QoL update. Thoughts?


I grabbed Deadpool, not so much because I actually want to play him, but he was the only 600 splinter guy I didn’t have.

I have fun with him. Mine is built as hybrid using Inferno to light stuff up with hellfire and Judgement to chain them to death. Feels very tanky. A bit under average on DPS until I got a Power Cosmic leveled up on him, and lined up his uniques with their various bonuses. Cosmic terminals are easy, and he can even survive for a while in the cosmic patrol zones on the rare occasions I actually go in those. I rarely do the big end-game raid stuff, but have made it through a couple of green Surter runs with no problem.


I went with Squirrel Girl because I have no interest in Deadpool or Ghost Rider and they’re the only 600 splinter heroes I don’t have.