Marvel Heroes


I have GR, but only up to 26 or so on him. I like him a lot, though. I’ve tried Squirrel to 10 and thought she was pretty cool.


Squirrel Girl has a interesting, unique style. She and Rocket are nice palate cleansers.

I went with GR.


Iron Man is really fun. Lots of useful skills and buttons to push, much sturm und drang.


I took Hulk…tried Cpt America but wasn’t feeling it in the first 10 levels, all of 10 minutes play time ;)


Ghost Rider is one of my favorites. With max Protect the Innocent and Infernal Contract, he can be very durable.

Captain America is also one of my favorites, but most of his best attack powers are near the bottom of the trees.

I have nearly enough splinters for another random box, after which I’ll use my ticket.


Unusual issue with my account. So I was going to use my free hero ticket. There were only a few heroes that I don’t have, Black Widow, She Hulk, Daredevil, X-23. I check my roster and the only one I don’t have now is Dr. Doom. All the rest are already there. I didn’t purchase them in any way. WTF? Should I report this before I get banned for something?


All heroes except Doom are unlocked to level 10. Check the ones you didn’t have. They’ll have a max level of 10.


I suspect those are all limited to level 10 - it should show up on the hero roster screen. I think they’ve made it so you can play all heroes up to 10 before you have to buy/unlock them. So you probably still need all those heroes…at least, if you want to really play them and not just try them up to level 10.


Oh hell, that’s right. Thanks guys, it totally slipped my mind.


This game is chock full of stuff, but sometimes it gets a bit disconnected and chaotic. I mean, my two highest level characters–SW and GR, both in early 30s–have outleveled the story content because of Midtown Madness, Holosim, whatever stuff, so going through the story content is a bit deflating. At the same time, most of the reward boxes are constantly a level or two above my current level (or have gear inside that is), so I have tons of unopened boxes sitting around. Many quests are buggy, with bosses that won’t spawn (fixed sometimes by turning off auto-join, because other party members have a habit it seems of blitzing the instance and screwing up the spawns), exit points that don’t work, and pointers on the map that aren’t there. Nothing fatal (other than the occasional crash) but a lot of lack of Blizzard-level polish. OTOH, it’s goofy good fun to obliterate hordes of A.I.M. and Hydra goons…not to mention my personal favorite, the rain of dinosaurs in Industry City…


I’ve been logging in for the daily rewards for the last few weeks but not really playing much, and in large part it’s because of all the stuff you just said, Wombat. The disconnected nature of story mode is especially annoying to me. Devs have said there is a rework of story mode in progress, but I’m guessing it’s low priority compared to new shiny things that people will spend money on.


At its core, the game is pure ARPG mechanics, starring costumes. The story is definitely taking a very back seat. Now, that’s perfectly fine–in D3 I only play Adventure/Bounty/Rifts now that I went through the story once–but for someone like me with zero comics background, I’d actually appreciate a solid, coherent story to introduce me to the game mechanics and systems. That’s the real problem I’m having. There is virtually nothing in the game that really shepherds you through the various systems, mechanics, and bells & whistles (which the game has in abundance). That, and the gap between the non-story stuff and story stuff in terms of experience and loot is, um, astronomical. I can play for thirty minutes in a non-story instance and get many times more exp and stuff than doing story things. Which makes it sort of a log in, kill some stuff, log out sort of game rather than a sit down and boogie for hours thing.

Nothing terrible about that, for sure, but there’s more potential here than is being realized at the moment IMO.


The story mode has definitely had a hard time of it in the bugs arena recently, from what I’ve read.


Chat is usually filled with people talking about this or that glitch. Nothing horribly fatal usually but all annoying. And the game itself is sometimes buggy, Steam installs are iffy, and technically Gazillion has its hands full I think. That being said, it’s pretty cool.


It is apparently free pet weekend again.

Login now until 11:59 PM on Sunday June 21st Pacific Time for a FREE Potted (Baby) Groot Pet!

Who doesn’t want more Groots?


So I finally started playing this and it’s pretty good. I have unlocked three heroes so far - Ghost Rider (used the anniversary token to get him), Scarlet Witch (200 splinters) and got Wolverine from a random hero box. Ghost Rider is indeed pretty impressive - he’s durable, has great AoE, and some nice sinergies. I’m still level 18 or so, but it’s been pretty cool.


So I’ve been gearing up my 60 SW, and other than the raids, is the end game just sprinting through cosmic terminals over and over until you can run cosmic midtown and ICP? (I had to double check that they indeed used the same acronym as the Insane Clown Posse)

Should I put a blessing on any old artifact as soon as I can or wait until I get a decent (level 60?) one? Why are they not dropping at level 60?


From what I can tell from chat and the website (my highest character is only 40 or so), yeah, most people do raids, terminals, and farming the various currencies. The story progression just sort of stops, but it’s supposed to be continued with future chapters, but no one seems to know when. On the other hand, the various repeatable challenges and terminals are pretty fun, as it’s all about lootsplosions anyhow.


Personally I mostly just move on to another character. But, uh, I do have all of them. >.>


I don’t think there are any level 60 artifacts, though there are some in the high 50s. This site is usually pretty accurate about what’s in the game. As for blessings, yeah, once you decide which one you want, put it on whatever you’re using. There’s a crafter recipe “Swap Blessings” that lets you transfer the blessing to a different artifact for a measly 100k credits, when you get an upgrade to your artifacts.