Marvel Heroes


Strange. Just for the heck of it, I rolled back my nVidia drivers to the 353.06 from the 353.30. Now I can run MH with some stuttering and lag in target rich areas like MM. But the thing is, I can run it. No disconnections from the server yet. I was sure that the drivers[I] weren’t[/I] the issue, but that seems to be wrong. So a rollback might be worth a shot for anyone else having disconnect problems.


I did the rollback (shades of Wal*Mart!); we’ll see if there’s any change I guess.


Going to have to wait until the game is back up. OTOH:

Human Torch tweaks, yay!

[li]Fuel for the Flame - added damage rating vs burning targets, critical hit rating, and brutal strike rating.[/li][li]Flame On - added 20% increased critical hit and brutal strike chance while active.[/li][li]Scattering Blaze - converted to a pure DoT power, duration increased to 8s.[/li][li]Scorching Pyre - duration increased to 8s.[/li][li]Incinerating Blast - damage now scales with attack speed and gains 10% bonus damage per DoT on affected enemies. Base damage slightly reduced as a result of above buffs. Power can no longer be beam weaved[/li][li]Homing Flares - also gains 10% bonus damage per DoT on affected enemies.[/li][li]Thermal Intensity - damage rating while standing in fire hotspots now extends for 10s, so Johnny no longer needs to stay inside the hotspot to gain its benefits.[/li][/ul]


It is quite the annoyance. The last version the MH devs have as viable is 347.88 from 17/3/2015, which is depressingly ancient but is what I run on my recently purchased GTX 960.


It’s not just an annoyance, it’s unacceptable. Every other game and application insists that, for best results use the newest drivers. So now I have to use older drivers just to play one game? Bullshit. Yet I really enjoy playing MH. So here we are.


I rolled back and had a blue screen after a half-hour of play. I’ve got new RAM on the way in my continuing efforts to troubleshoot my overall issues, but I too think the whole “roll back your driver” thing is unacceptable. Still, I unlocked Winter Soldier and really like him, so, yeah.


I guess it all depends. For my part I have an ATI card and their last stable driver is from December of last year. The betas they rolled out for GTA V would actually come to a complete halt and flash a pop up balloon about how they’d stalled out but were recovering like seven times in a row before things cleared up. Rolled back and poof, everything is fine.


I’m using Nvidia drivers 350.12, the ones that were ‘game ready’ for GTA V. Are they supposed to be the last stable drivers, or the first ones with problems?

FWIW, I’ve not had any crashes. I did notice a couple of times in MM that my frame rate took a dive, which is unusual because my PC normally runs the game without breaking a sweat, but I’m not sure what caused it.


The game server seems like it’s under high load lately, possibly due to all the anniversary event stuff sucking people back in.


I tried Magneto but he was way too squishy. Then I switched to Ghost Rider and he’s awesome. I think I’ll be taking a break once this event is over, but it’s been fun.


First with problems, but I’ve never tried them (or later) myself so I don’t know what the problems are.


For me the issue was that the game wouldn’t even launch. Password>enter>desktop.


Found this from another forum.

Gazillion Entertainment is redefining the term “epic loot” to cap off their second anniversary celebration month. Rather than a piece of high-end armor or a unique item that makes your favorite Marvel character stronger in Marvel Heroes 2015, Gazillion is dropping five randomized “Vibranium Tickets” each valued at $5,000 US cash, has learned exclusively. The tickets will start dropping on Wednesday, July 8.

Any player of the free-to-play action RPG can go for the Vibranium Ticket as determined by the official complete rules and eligibility. The tickets will drop as randomized items at randomized times, with five items totallying $25,000.

Any players who have claimed their prize by the start of Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes 2015 panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday at 6pm PDT in Room 25ABC will be publicly congratulated.

Sure beats your 10th “Last Chance” Serrated Boot Knife drop, now doesn’t it?


In the same way that I know that I will never win a lottery or walk on water, I know that I will have no chance at this. I am sanguine.

Is that correct usage for that word?


Beats me.
Here’s what the intarwebs say!

Search Results

adjective: sanguine
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Zoë: You sanguine about the kinda reception we’re apt to receive on an Alliance ship, Captain?

Mal: Absolutely. What’s “sanguine” mean?

Zoë: Sanguine. Hopeful. Plus, point of interest, it also means “bloody”.

Mal: Well, that pretty much covers all the options, don’t it?


If you are looking for the concept of being “at peace” with something, no, not really the right word.


Me write small words now on.


Heh, I wouldn’t worry; this isn’t the vocabulary thread. Though “Vocabulary Man” might make a great super hero, throwing dictionaries at people. Hey, if She-Hulk can toss a briefcase…

It appears (knock on wood) that I’ve been able to fix my crash issues by the simple expedient of replacing all four RAM sticks. For the past few days it’s been smooth sailing leveling up Winter Soldier. I sort of burnt out (heh) on Ghost Rider in the mid-40s as I can’t get my head around a workable build. I think I need to rethink how to use his “do more damage as I lose health” mechanic to make him viable, as I was playing him as a half-assed ranged character, and really, there are much better ranged attackers out there. But WS meshes nicely with my style, playing him as a Firearms build and relying on his SMG attack for most of the DPS. I have his ultimate at level 2 thanks to a random token, and it makes short work (usually) of bosses on Red terminals.

Leveling a crafter is damn slow; I’m only up to 16 so far, and haven’t even started any leveling on any other vendor. I also haven’t spent any of my Cosmic Worldstones, Cube Shards, or other wacky currency items, waiting until I get at least WS up to 60 to join SW. There’s a lot of stuff I haven’t even done because I’ve been enjoying leveling rather than playing the Witch at 60.

The game is, mechanically, satisfying, but it is also a bit repetitive. Part of that is the loot. While there is a huge quantity of it, most of the time it’s all “J” fodder to feed your pet, or you scoop it up to feed to a crafter. After a while, if it isn’t Cosmic or Unique, you don’t even bother looking at it, so the vast majority of stuff is simply trash–and there is a lot of it. The game lacks the sort of drama D3 manages to create with legendaries and set pieces, at least at non end-game levels. In D3, even at level 15 or whatever you can get a “way cool” moment finding something, but in Heroes that seems rather rare. But it’s still a compellingly fun exercise most of the time.


I have the opposite experience. I mean, yeah, stuff that’s under cosmic quality is pretty much trash, you’re right about that. But in D3 the only things that aren’t are legendaries and set pieces, and even with the drop rate tweaked way up in Loot 2.0, I figure I see a legendary maybe once every five or six hours, if that, and I’ve still never seen a set piece, ever. And in the long run, if those drop under level 70, they’re not terribly exciting because you can’t upgrade them to level 70 and no matter how neat they are they don’t scale.

Whereas in Marvel Heroes, cosmics drop quite regularly, I’ll see uniques sometimes multiple times in the same lootsplosion, there are artifacts, there are runes to go towards runewords, there are medallions, there’s Starktech, sometimes (albeit rarely) there are fortune cards, there are Unstable Molecules…heck, even relics are sort of worth hanging onto. Ish. And then yeah, there are the currencies building towards whatever shinies, be it Odin marks towards legendaries, or the myriad special uniques and artifacts and such you can buy with ARMOR drives or cosmic worldstones or whatnot. And artifacts and runes and Starktech and relics and such aren’t levelled or spawn at a fixed level, so their utility is clear long term, while uniques can (expensively) be bumped to 60 if you don’t find another one by then. For me, it’s been easily the most rewarding loot system of any ARPG ever by a country mile.

(Though, grain of salt - I am most prone to playing during events when they run +RIF/SIF/XP buffs, and I’ve usually got boosts going because they were handing them out like candy for free for a while and I’ve also bought every advance pack they run. So that undoubtedly makes it feel a lot more generous than it would be otherwise. There’s still just way more to find and use and that drops more commonly than D3’s best loot, though.)