Marvel Heroes


Yep, they stay on.


The alt-second bar fix is great. I’ve shelved Iron Man And Human Torch for a bit to level up Dr. Strange for a while. Thanks again, ineffablebob.


No problem. I enjoyed Dr Strange for a while, but even when you have the room for all those powers, it gets old after a while having to cycle through them all over and over. Effective, though.


Out of curiosity what other characters need more than one bar to be played efficiently?


I used the second bar on almost every character. Usually a movement power goes there, along with any toggles. But no others that I recall are anywhere near Strange in terms of number of powers needed.


Him and Moon Knight are the only two I’ve needed the second bar for more than just toggles, long-duration summons, and the like.


Just got Torch to 52. Had a token so ultimate at level 2. Is it just me of does his ultimate fricken rock?


Please excuse the double post.

So lately the game is kinda like:

-You can play all day. No prob. Just don’t you DARE go to Avengers Tower or you freeze and get booted.
-You can play MM or ICP unless there are other people there. More people, more lag. Until you get lag killed. By anything.
-You try to log in, you get to watch Doctor Doom’s cape flap and that horrible Ant Man on an ugly ant, over and over, until you hit Ctrl/Alt/Del and give up.

I guess there’s more but I’m just a bit annoyed now.


I do enjoy antman, he’s pretty fun for me. wish I was feeling the game a bit more though. Not even the chance of $5k is making me want to play this over PoE at the moment.


Since I replaced my RAM I’ve had few issues, though once I did have a massive slowdown in FPS in Avengers’s Tower, but that hasn’t reappeared. The game is fun but fairly shallow, at least at the level I’m playing at. Grinding to 60 is sort of, well, a grind, and it’s devilishly hard to go back to figure out where you are in your story quests if you break and do LQs in the middle. The game overall is like 80% of where I would like it–not at all bad, smooth to play usually, but not addictive. Sort of like fair-to-middlin beer.

But it is one hell of a lot less stress than hardcore PoE.


So Ziggurat artifact doesn’t work off of the alt-second bar? It works fine on the first bar. I’m guessing that holding the alt key is the issue?


That’s weird, it works fine for me. Just logged in to check. One of my slots is bound to E, and it’s on the second bar so Alt+E triggers the teleport. It does have an activation delay, so you can’t just hold the key down to blink around the map.


How does Antman play? Do tell. I want to vicariously enjoy whatever Gazillion has done to capture the superpowers of a guy who can a) shrink and b) talk to ants.



Tom, don’t forget, he can also shrink to the size of an ant and stand between a bad guy’s feet. Then he grows to full size, slamming his head into the villain’s crotch.


ouch reading that hurt and I instinctively crossed my legs in imaginary pain


If that’s not an actual power then I don’t want to play him!


While I can’t find it now, I saw a comic book panel posted in an Ant Man related thread, showing just this move.

In other news, it seems that my connection issues have been fixed. Not by Gaz, but by a hardware change. The shitty modem that Brighthouse installed was messing with the wife watching Netflix. I suggested that we buy our own modem/router and dump theirs. Long story short, it not only fixed her TV issues but my gaming issue as well. Prestiging Deadpool. Got him from 1 to 40 since the install yesterday.

The Ziggurat issue was simple as well. I have to hit the alt-key combo instead of trying to use the mouse pointer.Yeah, I’m an idiot.


Ant man feels really squishy to me. Got him in to the 30’s and put him aside for a bit.

Been working on Mr. Fantastic to get the +4% crit damage synergy. He started out kind of slow and boring, but has turned in to a rival of Scarlet Witch for me. He’s almost pure AoE goodness and is nearly indestructible (at least so far, from 1st to 55th level). No mobility though (ugh, he’s so slow…) and his “sprint” uses spirit, so you can’t move all the way across the map at top speed the way you can with some of the other folks.

I’m finding myself spoiled by the events. Odin Bounty had me playing this week, but now that it’s over, I find it hard to go back and play without the chests and bonuses in place.


I got Ant to 60 this week, was quite fast and smooth. He definitely can feel squishy, but with his dash move and some decent hp regen it was doable. Not sure how he’ll fair in cosmics though.


They added a new weeklong event to their rotation, which seems a bit more generally interesting than some of the others: Mystic Mayhem. The usual server-side XP/RIF/SIF bonuses (63%, in this case), better drop rates on the rarest runes, more chance of 10-splinter drops and a possibility of 63-splinter drops, special chests from bosses, etc. But also they added back in the chance for hero tokens to drop (presumably at the very low rate they did back in the day) and created a new zone: Limbo, which is a timed run-through for up to five heroes with a climactic encounter with the Demon Lord and if you manage it in time there’s also a random followup mission from one of several NPCs including a particularly rare possible mission from Agent Stan Lee. And there’s a mystery achievement - a new one will come each time the event is run. The idea is that if someone gets that achievement by the end of the event (even just one person), the server side buffs will roll forward an extra day into the next event, and if nobody does the achievement will roll forward into the next Mayhem with more clues.