Marvel Heroes


Oh hello. I’ve been thinking that as much as I’m enjoying the various new modes they’ve added, it’d be nice if they went back to story mode and added more of it and apparently that is exactly what they’ve just done.

So, highlights:

  • Chapter 10 in story mode - a Skrull invasion
  • a new Patrol zone, Hightown, unlocked through beating chapter 10 with one character
  • playable Black Cat
  • Deadpool 52 review. Replaces Spirit with Awesome, which is not consumed by abilities, adds a few new toys, makes Server Lag his signature and replaces his ultimate with Kitchen Sink.
  • Agent Venom teamup
  • a bunch of Rogue changes and additions
  • some existing costumes for Jean Grey, Captain America and Black Widow (in descending number of costumes affected) were visually tweaked
  • achievement and progression leaderboards
  • native Xbox 360, Xbone and Steam controller support and presumably you can make it work with your other weirdo gamepad
  • credit cap increase to 9,999,999
  • two big crafting changes - no more tiers of element, and now recipes will automatically populate with the relevant stackable items (elements, unstable molecules, etc). Non stackable items will still need to be manually selected. Nice QoL stuff but I was kinda hoping they were going to overhaul it in terms of relevance and overall utility as well. I guess maybe later.


BTW, although I don’t think there’s been a promo code in the newsletter in ages, they are apparently still giving them out from time to time and even though Orcz lists all the ones on it as expired, some of them aren’t. For example,
[B]DANVERS[/B] gets you a costume for Captain Marvel
[B]JACKOLANTERN[/B] gets you a visual artifact crafting recipe
[B]H2-B2[/B] gets you a Holiday Herbie pet.


Thoughts on Chapter 10: pretty fun, and now you can take your playable villain up against boss heroes (well…Skrull versions of them anyway). Lots of experience, another dose of power points, and plenty of loot. Hightown is easily the biggest and most interesting of the three patrol zones (to the point where there’s a sewer shortcut between quadrants) and pretty wild at the moment.

Random side note: I never noticed this before, but Doctor Doom has a number of hilarious comments when you run into other people playing him where he assumes they’re a Doombot.

Edit: Oh, and they didn’t say anything about it in patch notes that I saw, but the game now has several dozen Steam achievements associated with it - nowhere near all the in-game ones, but a fair number of the bigger ones - and any you’ve already earned in game will immediately unlock when you log in.


Apart from a two week break for christmas, I’ve fallen back into playing loads of this again since Danger Room dropped. Although I’ve not actually played much Danger Room yet…

Hightown is definitely good stuff but I’m looking forward to the cosmic version more. It’s a great way to get uniques for a fresh 60 though, right now.


In case anyone’s still playing this, or interested in trying it…free Daredevil hero token for logging in today or tomorrow.


I play, or at least log in, every day. A free token is the only way I might play the most boring hero in the game. ;) Unless I trade it for an ultimate for another character.


I’ve actually gotten back into this in a big way lately. I toyed with it a few years back and didn’t care for it, but all my big Deadpool love from seeing the move compelled me back into this. I did pick up my free Daredevil today but I’m not sure I actually want to play DD. I’m still struggling now that my Deadpool is lvl 60 to try and figure out how to gear him up for endgame level stuff. I tried a green raid and got slaughtered this week. I then tried the Cosmic Trial and lost badly. So apparently I need to focus on farming better gear and blessings and so forth!


In my experience, the biggest bang for your buck in terms of gear enhancement is Odin marks. Getting a legendary item (and then leveling it up) and putting blessings on your artifacts can make a huge difference, and both of those cost Odin marks. While you’re out getting them from daily quests (and some events), you’ll also be earning Omega points which are also very important. Don’t hesitate to check the MH forums for build examples of whatever you like to play, too.


Thanks, I’m trying to get up to speed. I have a legendary that’s at level 4 of 5 and blessings of Hela on all my artifacts now. The game seems to get pretty confusing mathy in terms of gearing up a character to take on the cosmic trial or end game content so I’m struggling to wrap my mind around all the stuff I’m reading.


It’s worth noting that they did another big revamp on Daredevil, who now has Stamina instead of Spirit, had his passives condensed down to one defensive and one offensive (both with specializations), and various other things that I’m not familiar enough with pre-revamp Daredevil to call out. He feels pretty good to me at this point, and with all the XP bonuses and the boosts I’m running I got him up to level 40 in like, an hour last night. Probably go back in today and finish him out, maybe take advantage of the similar extra XP bonus for Luke Cage and/or Iron Fist.


After having not logged in for about a year, I leveled Kitty in the last few days. Rocking an area build thats mostly lockheed-based (bit of a bummer that both sig and ultimate are physical). She feels on par with the strongest heroes from a year ago (e.g. Iceman). Need to figure out how to gear her (and whether I want to pull gear from iceman/cyke/gambit to do so).


Got an email today with the inevitable movie-tie-in promo.

REDEEM the code TEAMCAP to unlock Captain America!
REDEEM the code TEAMIRONMAN to unlock Iron Man!

They’ll be doing a Civil War-themed event, also. First phase of which is described in the patch notes. More to come next week.

And of course there’s a bunch of costumes to buy, if you’re so inclined. Supposed to be new ones for all the various characters involved in the movie rolling out over the next couple of weeks.


Also do TEAMCAPMB / TEAMIRONMANMB to get the Mystery Box that was supposed to come with the first codes.


If you log in today you get another mystery box. Since each one is a character token and some fortune cards at minimum, this is a pretty good deal.


Thanks for posting that. I got Rogue! Now I need to figure out which powers to take. And how to take them.


Man, this experience buff (combined with the changes they made to story mode experience) is ridiculous. In the last two weeks I’ve levelled Winter Soldier, Captain America, the Vision, Black Panther, War Machine and Spider-Man all to 60 at a rate of about two heroes a day. I may yet go ahead and round things out with Black Widow and Scarlet Witch.

For the record, Cap’s in a pretty good place power-wise, Vision seems decent as a solar build with a robot pet but is probably more unique as a density/phasing melee build, Winter Soldier seemed a little weak but I was having trouble gearing him, Black Panther seemed significantly underpowered, War Machine is hilariously brutal as a machine gun build, and I felt quite effective as Spider-Gwen (my enhanced costume on Spider-Man) with a melee jump-around-the-place build. Spider-Man’s passives seem real good. War Machine was definitely the most lethal of the bunch though. He’s got some analogues of some of Iron Man’s toys, as you might expect, and gets a huge boost from bonus Suit Power, like Iron Man, but he felt more focused (fewer toggles, for one thing) and has more interesting mechanics (heat, which eventually shuts off his guns if you don’t purge it with the Spit Fire power, but amps his melee while overheated) and build choices. I gave the Improved Arc Reactor artifact I got from the event to Tony, though, because it’s slightly better for his energy-based powers than War Machine’s pure physical damage.


Black Panther’s ranged options are mediocre, but his Agile Warrior melee spec is powerful. Out of the heroes I’ve played he’s my top melee choice for cosmic-level content. I just wish he had a proper travel power.


This actually started back on the 3rd, although I didn’t realize it, but we’re about halfway through the 3rd Anniversary Event. This year they’re not doing one-off giveaways (aside from an Anniversary Cake on the day, apparently). Instead they’ve set up a vendor in Avenger’s Tower that takes Anniversary Cake Slices. You get 50 a day in the login gift, they drop periodically, you can get more from certain activities that are rotating each week, and there are periodic buff drops that trigger a lootsplosion (including cake slices) when you get 5. You can spend them on things including a general stash tab (#39), a classic Captain America teamup, an Iron Man Mark II teamup (given out last year, I think), free hero tickets for a hero of your choice, various loot boxes, any of the three Anniversary Cakes at various costs (3rd being the most expensive but also most rewarding since it can drop challenge-bonused uniques, level 80 legendaries and more), etc. Also there’s a 150% server-side experience boost (which will be going up in a week or two I think) and multiple additional events like Cosmic Chaos. So you really ought to at least log in every day and play if you’ve got time.

Over the week I’ve gotten Ghost Rider to 60 (my 25th). He was actually the first hero I paid real money for (the initial reward from the first Advance Pack) and it’s kind of surprising it’s taken me this long to get back to him after switching away at level 20-ish back in the day. He feels really good now. You make hilarious amounts of fire everywhere, he has several immensely damaging attacks (Penance Stare in particular is absurd), he feels really tough, and of course you can zoom around on a flaming motorcycle and set everything on fire as you go. I’ve also gotten Magik into the 30s as of tonight and just got a Wealth of King’s County special lootsplosion that dropped SIX uniques including her entire set (easiest that’s ever been, for sure). She’s also quite fun. Zip around with teleports, summon demons, tear into things with her soulsword and eldritch sorcery. There are clearly combos to be pulled but I am not smart enough to figure them out. Oh well. Naturally I paired her with herself as a teamup.


BP has been my favorite and primary dude I fall back on both from a power stance and I just love the character


Maxed Magik, whose signature is kind of ridiculous. And then because I was on a teleporting swordspeople with vague demonic associations kick, I maxed Nightcrawler tonight. He also seems quite effective but where teleportation is just something Magik can do (and Doom, for that matter, my other main teleporter so far), Nightcrawler’s entire offensive suite is built around it, including his signature which is a big AoE teleport-explosion that he can do up to five times in a row with charges regenerating every five or six seconds that also restores spirit every time. It’s badass. Also, he gets a Great White Shark unique (because in a comic he teleported one inside Blob once. It was an alternate universe.).