Marvel Heroes


Each boss in cosmic ICP is dropping 6 cake slices, and each 3-year anniversary cake contains a lvl 80 legendary item.

I’ve picked up 7 or 8 legendaries so far. I may never have to worry about Odin marks again.


Another freebie weekend is going on. Everyone gets a random hero and costume. Got lucky on my hero box with one I hadn’t bought yet, though the costume was a dupe. Whenever I decide to actually play this again, I’ll have Winter Soldier to level up.


I haven’t really been paying attention to the Marvel Heroes website in a while, but apparently I should have been because they’re previewing some really radical - like, major shifts in core design - changes. I don’t know if I’m on board with all of them (their replacement for Omegas sounds decidedly less interesting to me, even though I agree that Omegas are overcomplicated and weird right now, for example), but it’s going to be a big deal.


Likewise, so the changes you linked are a surprise to me. I’ve still got the game installed and log in occasionally to pick up free stuff, but haven’t played at all in months. I read that first post, and while it doesn’t say it in so many words, it sure sounds like they’re trying to streamline the game for a console release. All that stuff about making sure you never use more than 8 powers, eliminating the extra power bars, and so on. Anyway, consoles or no, it sounds like it’ll be a very different game in terms of character builds once this update happens.


Pretty much every change they’re talking about making reads like they’re trying to turn the game into Diablo 3, to me. Getting rid of power points and just unlocking scaling versions of the powers as you level, with trait-based tweaks? Sounds a lot like unlocking abilities and then modifying them with runes. And of course, Diablo 3 has a limited number of power slots that you switch out to make your build. Ditching uniques and creating a class of rare drop item that has a randomized, build-affecting affix? Sure sounds like Diablo 3 legendaries. And I think they even directly describe the Infinity system as emulating Diablo 3’s Paragon system. Granted, so did the Omega system, but it ended up being enormously more complex and flavorful than Paragon.

I do like Diablo 3 quite a bit but I am not convinced Marvel Heroes needs to go any closer to its design.


How I play MH:

Log in.
Get free stuff.
Consider playing.
Log out.

I figure I’ll eventually try the new stuff. If I don’t like it I’ll uninstall.


I like what I’ve read. They even mention my single biggest specific problem with the game: Dr Strange is awesome, but he’s probably the single most complex and difficult-to-play character in ARPG history. They’re going to streamline him.

I will try this again once the update hits.


Most of my characters use the two bar system. There is a way to pop up the second bar with a key, usually alt. Third bar is for toggles. This is the way I’ve been playing since shortly after launch. My muscle memory is seriously set in stone. While most people are thinking the new changes are great, to me it’s just dumbing down the game. That’s why I’m considering giving up on it completely. Other than boredom.

The problem is that I have sunk a lot of cash into the game in the past. It seems like I’m just throwing that away. I guess I’ll see.


Toggling hotbars in any sort of useful way requires ini edits, so I’m just as happy to see them ditch that. Not as thrilled with some of the other changes. But a lot will depend on implementation, so I reserve judgment.


I hate HATE hate this weird middle ground, in many games, where you have this arbitrary hotbar with limited slots. Either pick one or the other, either I can only use X number of skills, or let me hotkey all the skills I can use and make them all accessible. It drives me nuts in this game, and ESO both. Serious nerd rage territory for me.

The bar swapping was actually one of the big reasons I stopped playing this game, I find it tedious, and a horrible design decision.


My solution was just to pick a number of skills that fit in my primary hotbar and ignore the rest, except for toggles. But even then, almost all the toggles should just have been passives because only a few had any reason to ever not have them on.


sadly that only works with some characters. There are a few that seemed designed in a way that you need to use way more powers than slots or the character simply doesn’t work well.

I’m looking forward to the change.


I didn’t find that to be the case with anyone I’ve tried, and that includes Doctor Strange, but YMMV. And I’ve only played about half of 'em.


In those posts they do a pretty good job of explaining why. In a game with 58 heroes (each one as complex as 1 of the D3 classes) the hero creation and creation of unique gear was too resource intensive. They want to continue releasing new heroes and they need end game gear.

Plus there’s apparently an issue that many players that try the game are put off by its many options and don’t continue. Hopefully the streamlining will keep new players playing and they have more resources for actual content creation for older players. Granted they don’t necessarily need to go the D3 route but its not exactly the same.


Not actually true, though it appears that way. If set your keys up right, you can practically face roll the keyboard to play him. At least that’s how it used to be. I was overthinking it too when I first tried him.


Looks like they’re giving away a free hero again. Free Dr Strange token if you log in on Sat Nov 5.


I don’t think I can face logging in again and trying to deal with my inventory. Also, I have Strange already. Is there an alternative? Or would I just get the heroic upgrade?


I assume it’s just the upgrade.

I know what you mean about dealing with accumulated stuff. So I just don’t. I log in for a couple of minutes every day or two, claim free stuff, then log back out. Sell/delete a bunch at random if my inventory gets full. Once the big update happens, it’ll be time to actually play again.


Decided to have another look at this, and I found that neither the options screen nor .ini edits would allow me to run it at my monitor’s native resolution (3440x1440). So, back to the many other great games in my backlog :)


Copied from Reddit:

I seem to recall changing resolutions using the .ini, but I haven’t tried it with an ultrawide monitor so I can’t confirm that it works.