Marvel Heroes


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Marvel Heroes Omega (PS4 Edition) Early Access will start next Friday 5/19 at 8am Pacific Time. Early Access for Founders Pack purchasers and IIRC anyone who played closed beta and purchased in game currency.

Live Launch / Open Beta will start Tuesday 5/23 (exact time TBD).

An XBox One edition has been announced, but no dates yet.


Been playing the closed beta.

Gamespot is giving away codes for closed beta access.


XBox One Launch June 20th


My son and I dowloaded it. The co-op is pretty good, but the second player just plays as a character that belong to the first player. Kind of lame that you sign in as yourself but can’t earn experience and items for yourself.


I’ve played quite a bit. I’ve enjoyed it a lot, although I didn’t play on the PC so I don’t have a good comparison point.

I played a bit of couch coop during closed beta, which as you say does seem a bit odd. I can see one benefit, which is that if you pay to unlock characters (say buy the Avenger’s Pack), everyone in the family can play all the unlocked characters. But if you have to people in the family that both want to level up say Spiderman, then you have a problem.

The coop over the Internet seems to work well. Although apparently Legendary Quests aren’t shared between team members, which seems like an annoyance.

I’ve go Iron Man to level 60, Black Widow to mid 30s, and Thor to mid 20s. In closed beta I got the Hulk to mid 30s, Cap and Thor to mid 20s, and the Punisher to mid 20s, along with trying out about half the heroes to at least through the raft.

One thing I do like is that all the characters play very differently.


If you haven’t acquired any Fantastic Four characters, but wanted to do so eventually, you need to get cracking. They will no longer be offered due to licensing restrictions.


Looks like the plug was pulled:


I think people had already guessed this, based on the state of the game’s subreddit for the past month or so.

Unfortunate that they ended it after what I thought was a more-or-less successful console launch. Also unfortunate that this was (almost) the only Marvel game left that also incorporated the X-Men in addition to the Disney properties.

Bummer. Despite the fact that their development seemed directionless, this was a solid game. I hope Disney eventually revisits the genre.


That really sucks. Marvel Heroes was my favorite ARPG bar none and IMO one of the best uses of a comic book license on the market. I guess it must not have been performing to Disney’s standards financially but that doesn’t give me much hope for any future Disney licensed games.

That said, I don’t know that I am terribly surprised - when I last played (during the most recent anniversary event) the speculation was already rampant that this was coming, and while the game for years maintained a highly aggressive update and improvement schedule, the “Biggest Update Ever” of last year appeared to have been the last significant change to the game as of said anniversary. Several major promised upcoming features not only hadn’t (and still don’t appear to have) materialized but there was no update on timeframe and some changes that were made in preparation for them were left hanging in a way that really didn’t help the game (e.g. uniques were meant to be phased out in favor of omega rarity items similar to Diablo 3 legendaries, and so the duplicate unique exchange recipes were removed, but omega items never happened and uniques were still dropping all the time). And given the complete lack of account transferability I can’t imagine the console version that appears to have taken up most of the development time recently helped much.


I hate to hear this, because I always intended to come back and play this someday. I assume that, being an online game, once they pull the plug then the game is gone forever?


I’m sad to see this one go. I had a lot of fun with it and found it to be pretty fair as far as FTP games go.


There were widespread rumors about the CEO of Gazillion having engaged in sexual misconduct. Honestly, I’m surprised it took this long for Disney to sever their ties.

As for Marvel Heroes, I stopped playing about a year ago when they started rolling out major changes to make it console-friendly. Shame about the game, I enjoyed it for a long time, but I don’t really care at this point.


So - they let people purchase the console versions, wait a few months, and then shut it down? Thats classy!


It’s a F2P game on all platforms. But yes, console players that spent money on it will not have gotten much value out of that money. Maybe they’ll offer refunds if there’s enough fuss.


This is a real shame. It never grabbed me personally, but lots of people really dug this game, and its monetization wasn’t exploitative.


Aye, and that would be me! Which is of course why I react that way. Such a shame!


Oh - Sony has at least removed the game from their store - Thats not always happening, so good to see this. Also - if you play, you will get 1000 spacebux a day to try out everything until the game closes down on the 31st of december.


Yeah, going to try all the heroes out become it goes away. Nice of them to do that at least.