Marvel Heroes


As well as the 1000 free ‘G’ for just logging in per day, everything in the store has been reduced to 50G per purchase, so if there was an enhanced hero skin, or a fancy costume you fancied but could never quite pull the trigger on you have just over a month to enjoy it. Or if you just want to buy 72*20 fortune cards and play lots of RNG, you can do that too.


Shame this is closing down, I played off and on. I think I burned out on the loot tetris and storage if I remember correctly.


This will be gone as of FRIDAY this week.


Ouch. What a horrid situation for all the devs, right before Thanksgiving. :(


Yeah, way to spend the holidays. Extrapolating from that poorly tasted practice, I even begin to think some may be eager to leave such a shit work environnment.


Jesus what a dick move.


Daaaaaaaayyyyyyymmmmm… that is horrible.


So - This is Marvel pulling the plug suddenly. Marvel, who is owned by Disney, right? I do wonder if EA has suddenly put gaming high on the lists in the internal Disney meetings, and this is the result? Cut all ties to companies that in any way seem disreputable?


This is not a sudden death. The game started dying when they switched the focus to console development, while adamantly denying that they were switching to console development. It was not hit by a truck. It wasted away.


They told everyone it would be shutting down on 12/31, and are apparently now pulling the plug a month and a half early without any warning to the staff or players involved. I’d call that sudden. The dying process leading to this point was long and wasting, for sure.


Point taken.


Gazillion have had their funding pulled so they’ve gone bankrupt, I surmise they may have asked Marvel/Disney to pay to maintain the servers and they refused as they are well within their rights to do.


Is the ill will generated by something like this, worth the month and half of keeping a server open and staff? Maybe it’s just me, I tend to really remember stuff like this, and not buy products from companies because of it.


Gazillion is bankrupt. Kaput. Gone. Nobody is buying any more of their productions ever again.



Marvel branded games and Disney affiliated games, however…


why would anyone spend any money on any marvel disney game now?


Why would anybody line up to make another?


Because while it lasts, you’re basically printing money? There’s a lot of comic fans (and movie fans now too) that can’t wait to throw money at a Star Wars or Marvel game. Disney may be dicks, but they’re dicks with an audience that’s hard to resist.


But considering what they did to EA on Battlefront II (I hadn’t heard that it was Disney that ordered the removal of real money currency, but assuming it was), “while it lasts” might not be long enough to actually print the money.

Also IMO Marvel Heroes was easily the best use of the Marvel license in gaming so I personally would be real skeptical of their decision-making.