Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

Title Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!
Author Tom Chick
Posted in News
When August 25, 2021

If you'd asked me 20 years ago to name a bunch of Marvel superheroes, I would have done well enough. But if you ask me today? Now that Marvel is as culturally relevant as even the most famous Disney princess, I can probably name dozens. Literally..

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Gameplay footage Sep 1. Release March 2022.

I was like “the team is Sons, not Suns” but now that I see the lineup, I guess these peeps are banding together in a similar dark/mystic premise while not being the actual Midnight Sons team, LOL.

Please be good!

You guys are burying the lede. The announcement trailer features the WORST cover of Enter Sandman ever recorded.

Yeah, that’s covered in the article:

loosely based on the comics featuring the Midnight Sons, a team of heroes set up to defend the Earth from supernatural elements. The name was tweaked to express that it’s not a direct adaptation of Rise of the Midnight Sons, and that the members aren’t all men in this version.

You had me at “Build friendships with heroes such as Wolverine”.

LOL, I should actually read articles and not just respond to title logos and key art!

I have no interest in playing any Marvel games. But a Firaxis game? That could be very good. I really enjoyed XCOM even though I always lost (or maybe because I always lost?)

The black & gold aesthetic + bad Metallica cover got me a chuckle.

Not sure if I agree with Tom, Wolverine, Dr. Strange, Ironman and Captain America seems mainstream enough to me.

So, in seems this is going to be more tactics RPG (think Persona or Fire Emblem) than Xcom. I imagine it will have more focus on the plot and the heroes, you will be able to talk and form relationships between missions, that type of thing.

all of those are mainstream now, but prior to the MCU only Wolverine was mainstream at all of those. I personally always liked the other three, but they were definitely B-D tier comics compared to Spider-Man and X-Men for example.

According to the reveal at Gamescom today, the main character is a new superhero made for the game in collaboration with Marvel. That allows them to make her powers customizable, it sounds like.

None of whom are mentioned in the press release. Instead, there’s a picture with Wolverine prominently placed in the foreground and this line buried in the fifth paragraph:

They’re clearly steering away from pushing this as a Wolverine, Dr. Strange, Ironman, or Captain America game. Which is fine by me, but I did think it was pretty funny that the only “famous” heroes they named were Blade and Ghost Rider. And I have no idea who the Runaways are. Probably not these Runaways:


Those are some chonky boy character models right there. I gotta say that I got spoiled by Jackman’s Wolverine if he’s actually supposed to look like chubby Dwayne Johnson.

Putting the big name Avengers in this kind of makes sense from marketing perspective, but it’s terrible thematically. Iron Man vs Mother of All Demons just doesn’t really track.

Meh, I would much rather have gotten Xcom 3.


So much this.

Speak for yourself! I don’t know who the Mother Of All Demons is (MOAD?), but I bet she’d kick the ass of some dude whose superpower is being rich enough to build a powersuit. That’s a fight I’d like to see!