Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

I think the most important thing to know here is that as the Hunter levels, the minimum Hero level of the entire roster increases.

They have exhaust on them, so single use. You get one. It is added to the deck when the mission starts (according to the tutorial)

Sorry, I wasn’t actually asking so much as trying to make the point that since the process of how cards work isn’t detailed anywhere, there’s a ton we don’t know that also applies to the combo cards, so we might not have an answer to @geewhiz’s question.

Also, I just checked and there are a bunch of backgrounds in the photo editor. I think you should be pretty pleased how with how it compares to XCOM 2’s posters.

when you draw the combo card it shows who it uses. I think it’s similar to crits and Nico’s random stuff and just chooses randomly on draw

Your point about the discard pile (if it exists) is well made. I went to look at the tutorials to see if there’s anything about basic card mechanics and didn’t see anything. We ought to be able to say for certain if it goes through the entire deck and then reshuffles by tracking cards, but who has time for that?

Weird. I’ve never seen one come up when randomizing post-mission.

Ok, after seeing the posts on how to disable the launcher, and reading about the mechanics, I got this. And…I like it. Quite a bit. Only done the first real mission after the tutorials, but not being a Marvel enthusiast, and having nearly zero knowledge of any of these characters (other than maybe the bad Spiderman cartoon and that Black Sabbath song off of Paranoid), I actually find the dialog and voices pretty cool. It’s fun. It’s got a nice balance of dark and light, sort of like that Netflix show Wednesday, which I also love. This isn’t quite as stylish but it looks pretty enough, and the tone is spot on. For me at least, not having anything to compare it to having seen exactly zero of the superhero movies.

I like the combat mechanics. They are pretty crunchy, and the card system seems well designed. I do wish there was a photomode more like in, say, Cyberpunk 2077 or the Assassin’s Creed games, but other than that it’s wicked cool.

What sold me though was Charlie. I mean, as a dog person, seeing the reunion with a faithful pooch who spent three freakikn’ centuries pining for Daddy…well, melts the heart it does! Erm, well, ok, it’s a hellhound, but still.

Thanks for the explanation Tom. I’ve had several other light / dark choices and just went with what seemed like the answer that fits me the best. I wish you and Captain Marvel the best. I hope my Hunter is invited to the wedding.

Ouch, that sucks. Good luck and I hope you didn’t permanently lose anything.

Ooh, thanks for bringing this up, because I want to backpedal from something I’d posted upthread. I had previously been willfully skipping the cutscenes, banter, and basically any “writing” or “narrrative” as much as I could, mostly because I just wanted to find out more about what kind of game it is. But now that I’ve found that out, now that I know I’m here for the long haul, I’ve been letting some of the cutscenes and dialogue play out. I’ve even been reading some of the banter in the faux social media screen, and I’ve come to the conclusion…

…Midnight Suns is good writing.

I don’t want to make too much of it, and I’m not saying it’s clearing any high bars, or that it’s even any meaningful worldbuilding or ongoing narrative. Instead, I’m saying it’s playfully and effectively riffing on that same mythology we all know to varying degrees and all variously love, mildly like, or even loathe. It’s easily better than the pointless nonsense crammed into Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, which is the other big Marvel videogame I’ve played enough to know the writing (I didn’t play the Guardians game). However, I’m not the least bit invested in the main storyline or the player character, so the whole thing might be a wash in the end. But I can say that I’m finding some of the ancillary stuff charming enough to pay attention to.

You’re the third person in as many days to bring up this thing with a glowing comment. I’m still reeling from the Rob Zombie Munsters, but I’m just going to have to got over that, aren’t I?

You guys posting all your Hunter photos as a guy is weird. FemHunter all the way.

And the order of attack (if you want to consider it) is always the same on the hero combo cards. Left, then right. It shows the symbols of the characters to denote it for quick look on the card.

If you like the writing here, Guardians is better.

@robc04 & @Misguided
Happy to say that I was able to reinstall the game and my saves started working again.

Ok - I love dogs too. But how many times do I praise her? Do we keep hitting R key until something happens? I read somewhere that praising the pooch can raise our Arcana but no idea if that means Praise once a day or what. ; )

What does this symbol mean?


I am not sure what objectives I am supposed to be working on. They were always spelled out before.

Love on/pet your dog once a day.

It’s like leveling up in any other RPG - the character is leveling up. I’m not sure what leveling up “for a particular battle” would be?

Use your mouse wheel (not sure on controller). Believe you have two things to do in the yard (like potential card upgrades)

On controller it’s up on the D pad I think.

Agree that the writing is good for this sort of thing. I haven’t intentionally skipped any of the dialogue.

Thanks everyone for answering my level-up question. I think my confusion was not seeing what effect leveling was having, but I was just missing it.

This goes to the top of my pleasant surprises. I had a bad cold Thursday night into Friday, so I took off work. I bought this not expecting much, but why not, I was going to be laying around at home anyway, and I think I like everything about it (so far).

I have to say that the humor has made me laugh out loud a couple times:

Scene where Blade states how Spiderman is so annoying (and the reasons) was priceless

Not sure I’ve seen that one, but Blade has some hilarious dialogue in spots. Like when Hunter first meets him and asks if his nave is really blade.

Absolutely.those characters were great.This game seems much better. It was difficult to play through all the action in that game, but I wanted to see what happened.

Eurogamer recommends it.

One night last week I went to a book club with Blade. It was Blade’s idea, actually. Captain America and Captain Marvel were there, so we were pretty much knee deep in captains. Blade had arranged the whole thing to spend time with Captain Marvel, but then the other captain overheard and wanted in too, and Blade was too shy to say no. We read The Art of War. It was Blade’s pick. We talked about the strategies and wisdom in the text, and someone mentioned how funny it was that Blade’s favourite book was written by someone named “Sun”. Funny because Blade is a vampire, right? After the book club was done I went foraging for mushrooms with Iron Man. Incredibly, these are not the ramblings of someone who’s just banged their head on a shelf.

But there’s also more than all that. As with Fire Emblem, say, there’s more than just utility in play here. Look at the book club: a whole evening chatting with Blade about what he reads. The scattering of friend points you get for that does not make it seem entirely worthwhile, until you realise that attending the book club with Blade was worthwhile in and of itself. Ditto hanging out with Captain Marvel. Ditto spending money to make your bedroom look nicer - to find the right couch and bedside table and move the art on the walls around, to choose a better jumper to wear in the afternoons. Ditto the whole business of rambling through the abbey’s grounds, which grants rewards, certainly, but also makes you feel like you’re part of a handful of intriguing mysteries that will need time to unravel. (There’s a whole XBLA game out in the abbey grounds, I reckon, and it’s got nothing to do with turn-based battling and everything to do with storytelling and exploration.)