Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

That matches my experience.

Regarding shoves, I absolutely moved, used an environmental attack, then used a second move to shove. Like others, though, there have been times I can’t use it that I can’t explain.

@geewhiz last couple of side missions have kicked my ass. Fallen venom showed up in the second. He wasn’t the reason it went poorly, really, but it didn’t help matters. Team comp/deck wasn’t ideal.

I did recover all three crates before they exploded, but couldn’t finish the mission. I did finish the first, but picked up my first couple of wounds. Think I’m going to kick the difficulty back down a notch for now.

I was stuck on this as well, and finally figured out something that is…less than obvious - I am going to spoiler it, but its not a spoiler per se, but more of a “Duh” moment

You need to go to the crypt in Hunters Folly, and use your Word of power on the door there (Duh!) and in there is an elemental rod, which in my my case was the last one missing at Agathas Altar. That leads to the series of small quests in the Abbey that expands on both the area, but also gives you access to the cauldron.

I too am 25 hours or so, and just figured this out last night - its a bit obtuse though. But let me say this - All elemental rods are there, avaialble in the first area.

@Razgon, I only just now saw your post as I was alt-tabbing over from having spent well over an hour going back and forth over the frickin’ abbey grounds, and then making a point to do it again with the dumb skinless dog tagging along, and then making a point to do certain bits again when she got stuck on the geometry somewhere (not often, but enough that if I took shortcuts and didn’t pay attention, I was liable to lose her), so I was about to come back here and detail exactly what I had done and where I had gone, complete with a screenshot of the map, and a description of which three elemental rods I’d installed, at which point I saw your post and thought…

…hmm, the skinless dog did jump up on the crypt door, but there was no prompt to open it, of course, so I just assumed she was barking at something inside I’d see later or maybe barking at the arcane chest just behind the crypt, it’s probably nothing…

…and then alt-tabbed back into the game, went directly to the crypt, and – bam! – opened the door! Thanks to you, @Razgon, I’m about to herbalize like no one’s ever seen!

Not that this matters tremendously, but when I view the achievements for this in Steam, it shows which ones I unlocked. If I then click ‘view global achievement stats’, right under Total achievements: 51 it states ‘You do not own this game’. I have no idea why.

I know it’s been mentioned, but check the book in the library with Wanda’s notes daily. Iirc, one of those mentions a rod in the hunter’s vault.

Glad to hear it!

Its crazy how addictive this game is to me - I don’t do many story missions…mostly out of fear that I suddenly finish it I think.

There are over 50 story missions, according to the dev streams, fwiw.

That is a lot of story missions. I think I have done two of them. Maybe 30 side missions though.

Is there a way to get more paintings? I found several around the grounds, but I have FAR more places to put paintings than actual paintings.

I bought a legendary swim-suit which looks quite nice, but you you only see it for like 5 seconds when you go to the pool. I thought, why I can’t I wear this around the abby all the time? Then I thought, which can’t I wear this on missions?

On the training room thing:
Captain marvel killed everything and had no problems.
Hunter: Never took any damage at all, and killed most things.
Everyone else: Nobody else made it past round 1. I am not sure what to do about it.

Also the EMO club thing. Did several of these and then last one was with Magick who was running the show. No more of these EMO missions have showed up again for some reason.

Oh - This reminds me - The Challenge that can give the Midnight suns outfit for Hunter - its a puzzle, and I can’t for the life of me figure it out.

All the comic book covers you get, you can convert into paintings!

I think you need to get the ingredients Magic has sent you on eh…snapchat.

How do you do that? I looked at the paintings things and there was no option to post anything?

Find your comic covers in the menu - its the same page where you get messages, select a cover, and select Convert to painting.

I am at work so can’t remember the exact wordings/menu.

Regarding Word of Power Metroidvania All of the Word of Power use points look the same. As far as I can tell there is no using Open on a random tree (and I’ve tried a fair few) and it opening anything. So all Open spots will look like big blank walls, all Reveal are broken bridges, Break is always cracked walls, etc.

I only lightly browsed the Shove debate but the rule for Shove is you only get 1 per round, regardless of how many Move actions you have. You must always use it on the first waypoint of the move and it will always indicate if you hover over an enemy if it’s usable. It doesn’t matter which move action you use it on but is limited to one.

@geewhiz I’m pretty sure you have it now or have access to it, but Nico has an ability that heals an injury in one day. This can speed up your recovery if you spread out the team you use or take a mission (or 2) that is lower that you don’t get any KO’s on, which will help get your team back in fighting shape. A good way to have a “recovery” mission is to take Supply Crate missions with an intel bonus attached. You don’t care if you 1 star it and focus on survival, then crates and the bonus objective as it is worth more than any extra Gloss you get from 2 or 3 starring it. Don’t worry about how long it takes, just follow that priority. You can even drop the difficulty to the lowest here, as it doesn’t affect the crate/coil rewards.

I have more to say about things you can look at to improve your gameplay but I don’t want to overload you with concepts or things to think about every turn. This includes things like deck churn with redraws and building your deck to feed finding the right cards every turn, using the kind of attacks (melee vs ranged) against the enemy by letting them herd themselves, and positioning your team on the map for enemy moves (like overload) to deal extra damage.

it broke me

so what you think you should do first, do last

yes you need to use the lash as you have to blow that thing up

ignore that first lash guy. kill the guy below it, along the long ledge near the circle “South”. Then move “west” down the edge. then you push “north” towards the target crystal. I don’t remember the exact order of kills but sometimes you don’t kill, you just reposition the target. When you need to pick the angle, pick the maximum one, it will work

Nice video with information on things the tutorial doesn’t cover:

Man you guys are making me want to play this so badly! Maybe it’ll be my Christmas present to myself!

@tomchick I have LOVED your stories that have arisen out of playing it!

can always start over and choose a different path on a different difficulty. they make it easy to skip dialogue and cutscenes you are familiar with so it shouldn’t be too painful.

This would be the photobooth in options. Once in there you can convert a comic cover to a painting for 50 gloss. I’m not sure how I feel about the game converting the cover to grainy painting texture.

Edit: Oops, replied to the wrong post @DeepT

How well is this playing on consoles with a controller? Mostly thinking XSX…

I started out with a mouse and keyboard and have doubted my choice ever since. :) This seems like it would be super-slick with a controller. It’s clearly built for one.

Plays perfectly with controller. It’s all I’ve used.