Marvel Midnight Suns: Firaxis unveils the Nico vs. Chthon showdown Marvel fans have been waiting for!

He’s a YouTuber I have watched from time to time. His page is here

That video makes me hyped for the gameplay … but hoo boy, I would happily pay extra to have Cap not wear that tacky gold suit. (Which I assumed was their plan, though apparently there will be no microtransactions.)

The gold suit isn’t his default costume.

The gold suit is what you get when the Hunter/Huntress maxes out their relationship with each superhero.

This is hilarious. Iron Man play revolves around filling up your hand with his own cards, then using them to buff himself. Thematic, to say the least.

This just keeps looking more and more interesting and cool every time.

Strange looks like fun. Lots of different tools at his disposal.

Carol fills up a binary meter, then goes into the binary state which doubles her damage. She can stay there as long as she retains block. Interesting.

Wow. Seems surprising, given the character rollouts and all.

Disappointed, but better delayed than a disaster IMO. If they don’t think it’s ready, they should take the time to get it right.

Agreed. Just thinking this was a sudden/unexpected decision or maybe there’s a disconnect with marketing

Just ignore this since he’s not actually in the game 🤪

All the aoe.

New date was revealed at D23 just a bit ago - December 2nd, still this year yet after all. And something cool to look forward to at the holiday!

Starting at where I have time-stamped, new trailer:

Followed by an additional video that shows off what seems to be the game’s opening intro animation, which is really nice (and I’d have probably skipped it without seeing it when I first launch the game, so it’s good to see it here).

I’m already pre-ordered here so I am at max hype (since I have been since they announced it).

I am not a hardcore comic book nerd and from a brief search, Hunter, the protagonist is not a marvel hero but created for this game, right? It looks like they (in that preview) are female based on their vision at least from that animation.

Yes. They can be either gender, iirc. It’s a way to let the player create their own character, with their own look and style of play.